Top 3 Reasons why you should Avoid Aircon Chemical Wash this (year)

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Sometimes you might be needed to be skilled and equipped with some tenets concerning Air conditioner maintenance and care. A/C comes with lots of inbuilt features that always require absolute care. When you are green about important aspects needed for you to rebirth your unit after dying.  It will be hard to use the aircon effectively in the comfort of your room. Thus, you might have done all the care and aircon servicing to revamp your system, but still fails to function as required.

If this is the case, you will be compelled to apply aircon chemical wash. Chemical wash is always an option reinforced after applying other services but your system still fails to operate. As you know, dirt, dust, and other grains harm the efficiency of your A/C. So, if dust is the problem, chemical wash might be the appropriate practice to embrace, so that your unit might return in good condition.

So, what is aircon chemical wash? Before delving into the top reasons why you shouldn’t embrace this practice. It is good to acquaint yourself with the basic tidbits of information about aircon chemical wash. Therefore, when you wash your air conditioning fan-unit coil with a chemical agent, then you are promoting this practice. So, while doing this practice, you’ll be required to remove the external cover of your machine and use the chemical agent to wash the evaporator and other parts of the A/C.

Nonetheless, there are reasons why you shouldn’t subscribe to this practice. In this article, we’ve explained the top 3 reasons you should know. Let’s find out;

  1. Chemical can corrode some parts of the unit
  2. It is not 100% effective
  3. It can’t wash your back tray

Chemical can corrode some parts of the unit

Generally, the fan-coil unit is among the parts prone to corrosion when washed using a chemical agent. Typically, if you utilize a chemical agent to wash your fan-coil unit till the top. To some point, you might not be able to clean all the parts effectively.

Therefore, some of the water or residue might remain after applying the chemical wash. When such residue remains on the fan-coil unit, it may result in corrosion and deter your system to operate efficiently.

It is not 100% effective

Yes, you might want to use a chemical agent to clean your aircon, right? But this method is not cheap compared to other aircon servicing. Also, when people use a chemical to wash their unit, some might still insist on a chemical overhaul. This is because you cannot fully rely on this method 100%.

Moreover, normal chemical wash in most cases might not be suitable to clean some unit’s parts such as grime stuck located between the foil.  This makes this method somewhat unsuitable for aircon servicing.

It can’t wash your back tray

Primarily, an evaporator is normally V-shaped. This helps the system to occupy a precise position in your room or property. Therefore, when the evaporator condenses, usually water plus the dirt will flow into the back tray.

How this part is designed makes it hard to be vacuumed and washed properly.