Tips to win dragon tiger on fun88


If you looking for a gambling game other than the usual slots and baccarat then you can consider dragon tiger. it is widely popular due to its simplicity and swiftness. It is played with the standard deck of English cards only eliminating the jokers and wild cards. The cards are dealt in a formation called the blackjack shoe that is designed to hold about six to eight decks of cards. This game is different than the other games because the players don’t play against the dealer. The objective of the game is quite similar to baccarat except here the players have to guess which hand will have the highest card, the dragon or the tiger. Let us find out more about the came dragon tiger and tips to win it on fun88.

The game is simple but the key factor is the same, your hard-earned money is on the line.

Stick to the dragon or tiger if amateur

If you happen to be new or don’t want to strategize the game or even get involved in card counting, then you should place your bet on either the dragon or the tiger. Place your bet on either of the hands that will have the highest card. The payout is more as the house edge is as low as 3%.

The strategy of card counting

If you want to know the maths then you can count the cards and places your bet to avoid any unlucky drawing. Since dragon tiger uses very few cards, the tracking of cards is easier compared to other gambling games. You can easily count the sevens and avoid them because if a seven is drawn then you will lose the bet. To sum up, if you have a sharp memory then you can track the sevens, avoid them and win the game quite easily.

The suit-based strategy

Another calculation-based strategy is to note the suits which have been dealt with. For example, you can count the number of suits cards and decks used. This will make you aware of all the suits that have been most used so that you can bet on the suit which has been least played.

Avoid the tie bet at all costs

Similar to baccarat, avoid the tie bet at all times. In dragon tiger, although the tie bet could let you win big, the chances are pretty rare. The same goes for the suit tie bet, the chances are even slimmer. So if you want to bet on either of the tie bet then the stakes are pretty high and hard.

If you want to win through dragon tiger on fun88, then avoid the betting systems. The game can be won easily and could be quite relaxing if you know these little tricks. Even though dragon tiger on fun88 is a game of chance, the strategies can help you to win the session quite easily. You can surely have a lot of fun with this simple gambling game of cards.