Tips for a Magazine-Worthy Kitchen

Home Improvement

Today, the kitchen is one of the most essential rooms you could ever find in a home. It is where we prepare meals, wash the dishes, and store food. Moreover, it has also turned out to be the meeting point for family and friends. Admittedly, it is the nerve center of every house.

With all the happenings in one room, it is only vital to ensure that the place is comfortable and even worthy of a magazine spread. Find out more about how you can give your kitchen the decoration attention it deserves.


Lighting can influence various vital decisions, including the cabinet color and space arrangement for your new kitchen. Therefore, you need to take advantage of it and also ensure that it is in the right place.

To make cooking easy, sinks, stoves, and working areas such as the countertops should receive as much light as possible. In respect to this, it is wise to go for recessed lighting because it lights up every part of your kitchen. You can also utilize the under cabinet lighting to light up your cooking space and keep everything illuminated.

Overhead lighting fixtures such as a chandelier or modern statement light can also make a significant impact because it is unexpected. However, ascertain that it matches with your appliances and hardware.

When all is said and done, ascertain that your lighting works together with your kitchen faucets. That will enhance the overall look of this room.


With all the family activities taking place in the kitchen, it becomes difficult for the countertops to hide this evidence. Getting rid of all the clutter is one way of making your room stylish and fresh. It also greatly impacts how your kitchen looks. Moreover, it enables you to work without any hindrance.

Some kitchen designs can hide large countertop appliances such as a blender, toaster, and mixers, among others. However, if yours cannot do this, then group the mentioned items and put them in a decorative container. Decluttering your countertops is the only way to experience that airy, serenity feeling.


With so many available flooring materials around, it becomes hard to choose the best one. However, you should keep in mind that perfect flooring should not only be attractive but practical as well. So, regardless of the kitchen use, focus on quality, design, and resistance when choosing your flooring.

Also, consider hygiene and safety, especially when space is bound to come into contact with food. Aesthetic finish, design, and your desired character in the kitchen should also be given careful consideration.

Standard tiles contain grout, which can look aged or dingy after some time. On the other hand, wood tiles are suitable but are easily damaged by water. Try out ceramic and porcelain material for your tile needs.

Do not settle for what your project developer chooses for you. Let your tiles and materials convey your hallmark style.


If you want a magazine-worthy kitchen, you should not shy away from using bold colors. However, ensure that they are working well with your cabinets, countertops, and flooring. Also, take care not to overdo it. Additionally, consider toning down your walls to neutral colors like beiges or whites if you decide to go for bold and colorful elements.

If you have a neutral color palette, settling for grey tones and cement look finishes would be an excellent idea. You can also assess the dominant color in your home then adopt a fitting aesthetic line. Alternatively, you can go for those colors that you find most appealing to suit your style.


Cabinets are the best place to express the personality of your kitchen. In respect to that, install ornate cabinets and keep neutral countertops. You can use a fogged or glass door to break up these pieces of furniture; they will let in the light. Today, you can get beautiful cabinets in every color, surface, and style.

In respect to colors, go for a palette that compliments your kitchen because everything you display will have an impact on the overall look. For a dark cabinet, consider adding some light-colored pieces to create contrast. Consequently, you should pay attention to these details when selecting the best paint for your cabinets.

Seating Styles

If you are going to sit in the kitchen, do not hesitate to play around with mixed styles; there are many options out there. For instance, you can try out wood and rattan for your arm and side chairs; they will give a cohesive design to your kitchen. The materials will also add a great texture and visual interest to your room.

If you have different types of seats, ensure they are of similar colors and materials. With that in mind, your room will have pulled together a cohesive look without appearing too matchy.

Glam Elements

Adding some little touches and a little shine in your kitchen does not only allow you to show your sense of style but also your personality. You can start with a small collection of flower vases and a vintage container. However, buy something stylish and unexpected.

Art and accessories can also have a significant impact on your overall kitchen look. They can give your kitchen a loving feeling. Glamming is the final step to coming up with a magazine-looking kitchen.


A bigger and deeper sink than the standard ones can give your kitchen a magazine-worthy look. Even so, ensure that it is well plumbed so that the dishwasher can fit perfectly beside it. Also, make sure that you have two spouts and sprayers to filter the drinking water.

The right place to install a sink should be under the main window in the kitchen. Nevertheless, consider having another one if you have a different area for drink preparation.

The above tips aim to make your kitchen functional and impressive. By adopting them, you will have a chance to transform your kitchen from being standard to spectacular. If you are inspired, you can start your kitchen project now, and make it stylish enough to be featured in a magazine.

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