The difference between a trading bot and a human


Some people naively try to compare trading bots such as Pancakeswap sniper bot, thinking that the two compare in any way. Well, that is a naïve way of looking at things because there can never be any fair comparison between bots and human beings. To start with, bots usually have a set of skills that cannot be compared to those of human beings. Bots are consistently monotonous, which means that they can do the same. In the world of trading, if you want to be profitable, especially in the long term, then you must figure out a way to be consistent. This kind of consistency can only be provided by the use of bots.

However, it is great to remember that a trading bot or any bot for that matter is only as great as the person who creates it. If you choose a bad bot from poor developers, then you can be sure of getting even worse results. That is why you hear some people saying that they choose the developer over the software. If the developer is great at what they do, then the software they develop will also be great. In this article, let us take a look at some of the differences between bot and human traders.


Longevity is the first advantage that trading bots offer over human traders. Bots are not human beings who are usually plagued with fatigue. Even in the perfect posture, the human body and mind are prone to fatigue and once this happens, people start to make mistakes. Also, once one’s body and mind are tired, they need to take a break to rest and sleep. As they do this, it means that they have to stop their trading activity until when they are fresh enough to resume, which can take up to 8 hours or more. Thus, trading bots can work for longer doing the same activity and they won’t get tired.


Another benefit that bots offer over human beings is their ability to operate without emotions. Bots are not humans that they should experience emotions such as fear, greed, sorrow, and happiness. Instead, they focus on statistics that offer the most chance of winning. Once a human being mixes emotions with their trading, they start to make mistakes that they wouldn’t otherwise make.


Another advantage that you get with trading bots that human beings can’t offer you is speed. Bots operate at a speed that is much higher than that of human beings. They are thus capable of making decisions faster as well as react to situations faster. These are the ingredients that win trades in trading.


Closely related to speed is capacity. Bots have the capability to process gigabytes of data in a single second. As they process data faster, they are able to make decisions faster and react to urgent situations even faster. Human beings on the contrary simply cannot process that much data within such a short period of time.