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Free Terms and Conditions Template & ExamplesGeneral Requirements

  • The foregoing contract terms overlook alike retail buyers & corporate customers to be clientele.
  • These contract terms would govern the customer’s whole professional relationship with IDGod.

These belong to entrepreneurs in all subsequent strategic partnerships, even though they’re not given consent again; the form in effect at the date of the agreement is valid and legitimate.


  • The methods of advertising are “graphics” made of graphical and written substances that are already in actuality samples or novelty items that might not be utilized in rising transportation.
  • These are not important documents and therefore have no formal position. It need not grant the bearer any powers or benefits. The cards aren’t considered proof in and of themselves.
  • The items are not genuine, neither are they to be construed as duplicates or knockoffs, and neither are there to be used or experimented with in the same way that a real, genuine, formal card would be.

Misuse of these fake ids is prohibited, whether as a consequence of fraudulent misrepresentation, theft, open abuse, or any other reason. If you choose to use these joke cards for little more than their stated function, you must be aware that you’ll be breaking the law.

Customer Responsibilities

  • IG God is not responsible for any debts or consequences incurred as a result of the usage of such cards (immediate, secondary, accidental, special, usual, punitive). Whenever in question, the customer assumes full responsibility for all personal injury and 3rd liability.
  • In certain places, possessing those parody cards might well be restricted or unlawful. Whenever acquiring a card from each other, the customer must confirm that ownership of such cards is permitted in the desired location.
  • Along with the acquisition of one of these curiosity cards or fake ids, the customer certifies that possessing such a card is legal in all states, towns, or territories in question.

It is possible that disclosing inaccurate or misleading data is prohibited. The use of phony Identity documents such as age verification, fake id, or standing identification (albeit with inaccurate stories) for just any criminal activity is intended solely.

Contractual Agreement


  • The offerings featured in this web store are not contractual proposals
  • The customer places a contractual purchase for the products such as a fake id in the wishlist by providing the purchase records of the buying procedure. will receive a copy of the transaction as soon as possible.
  • This arrival notification does not imply that the purchase has been accepted; nonetheless, this might be linked to the statement of approval.
  • IDGod is allowed to reject the customer’s formal offer a few days after receipt. Approval can be expressed in two ways: through verbal conversation or the completion of projects.

Costs and Delivery

  • In the web store, all costs are full pricing. All pricing elements, including state taxes, are already included.
  • Prices don’t include container, transportation, shipping, or security except as otherwise specified. As a result, there could be expedited shipping fees associated with shipping the requested goods; customers would be informed of the cost in advance.


In the event of a direct deposit or fixed fee, the screen name and the intended amount must be submitted to the informed financial institution.

If the customer’s counterarguments were properly proved or acknowledged by ID God, then the customer is eligible to balance. Unless the complaint is founded on another agreement could the customer exercise his or her claim of preservation.