Starting in the world of gambling


Gambling is often mistakenly viewed as a way to make quick money with little risk. This thinking, if it doesn’t change after a few bets, usually ends in bigger and bigger losses; That is why it is important to know the world of gambling before entering it. It should be clear that bets are not a source of constant income, much less something “reliable”. Few, very few people can afford to make a living from gambling, and really even less in Spain after the new gambling regulation, so it must be clear that gambling must be a hobby, or at most a source of income. extra punctual, but that can also entail losses.

Gambling as a hobby

It is important to take gambling for what it is, a hobby, a hobby, an entertainment, an extra incentive to watch the games you like, but never as a substitute for work, because few people can secure a decent monthly salary just by gambling.

Once we are clear that both win and lose in betting, and we are willing to play, we have to decide how much our bank is going to be. The bank will be the amount of money that we enter (or that, although we do not enter, we are willing to enter) in the bookmakers. We must be clear that the money that we put as a bank can grow, multiply, or decrease and end in 0, so it is important that this money is something expendable for us.

No bet is safe. Take care of your bank!

An unfortunately quite common mistake is to constantly increase the bank to try to recover what has already been lost. It is vital to know how to take losses and be able to leave when the moment arrives, since no bet is safe, and a losing streak coupled with a series of bad decisions can wipe out your entire bank in a matter of seconds.

If mentally we are not able to make the decision to lose our entire bank, either we have to reduce the bank to an amount that we are able to get rid of or it is better not to enter the world of betting. Scared? It is not so bad either!

Take advantage of welcome bonuses

To begin with, it is best to do it with a relatively small bank and try to take advantage of the different welcome bonuses that practically all bookmakers offer us. Several houses, such as bet365 or bwin or sbobet88 offer us a bonus, some of which are 100% of what we enter up to a certain amount of money, so for example if you enter an amount of 100 you will obtain a profit of 200. It is important that you keep in mind Note that some pages such as sbobetmobile, offer other types of bonuses, and that each has its own way of acquiring and withdrawing them, in other words, each bonus is subject to the regulations of the page, so it is important to take all this into account before you start betting.