Some Of The Essential And Unknown Facts Of Lice


Lice are tiny insects that infest the human head and body. Lice are saprophytes means it lives on the human blood for the survival. They kept on increasing in multiple ways. The eggs that are given by the female louse get hatch from 6 to 9 days. One of the best facts that you need to know is that they cannot fly or jump. It is very important to determine the signs you have lice. So a person has to come in contact with the lice or eggs.

Mode of transmission

  • Head to head contact

It generally occurs in children as they have easily come in close contact with others.

  • From sharing items 

It is easily get transmitted from your friends and family members. Some devices like brushes, headphones, clothing, decorations, towels, pillows, blankets, etc. are responsible for spreading the lice. 

  • From stored Belongings

If you store items like clothes and things for a longer time, it will endanger you as you will quickly get the same problem. 

  • Contaminated furniture

If you are sitting on the overstuffed or clothe-covered furniture, lice are produced ultimately. On the body, lice can remain for more than two days. 


Pubic lice spread thoroughly because of sexual contact. It can create an itching problem in adults. It is rightly said that body louse spread by the mode of clothing and hygiene problems. Therefore it is said that bathe regularly and wash your clothes. Wear neat and tidy clothes to save from the body lice. The bedding also spreads it near your family member or friends. 

Further reason 

Any contact can be the reason for the mode of transmission of the lice problem. If you think that the pets are responsible for all such activities, then it is not valid. Lice can be only harmful to humans and not to pets. If you know the ways and the method of protection, you will be able to find against it. Finally it shows signs you have lice in your hair. 

What to do for your itching problems?

It is because of the allergic reaction that is responsible for the itching problem. So, it is essential to get treated by the doctor or take some effective treatment to get rid of it. First of all, you need to recognize the symptoms that are responsible for it. You need to understand the prevention methods so that one will get rid out of this problem. It is not good to take these lice for a long time as many problems can be caused by it; some may be curable. 

How to diagnose the problem?

With your naked eyes, you can see the head lice easily. There might be confusion of nits as it gets resembled with dandruff or the dirt particles. Therefore misdiagnosis is used. You may also locate a magnifying lens to identify the eggs.


It is depicted from the above facts that having lice in your hair is a severe problem and should cure it immediately as soon as possible. I hope this information is helpful for all who want to know about the facts about lice.