Should You Fix or Sell Your Broken Phones?


Did you drop your phone in the pool last weekend? Did it slip out of your grip in surprise? Is the unit already too old to keep up with its latest operating system? Despite the competent, accessible shops that fix phones in Salt Lake City, we still find ourselves with a faulty, broken phone that we can’t help but let go and replace every now and then.   The old phone almost always ends up in some drawers in the house, the ones that also probably store previous months’ bill statements and chargers that don’t work anymore. Worse, it ends up in trash bins, ultimately finding its way in a landfill somewhere.

If that’s the case, maybe it’s time to look into selling your phones. Here’s why:

Extra Cash

Some repair shops offer to buy irreparable phones. You should consider bringing your phone to one for assessment. They will take cracked screens, water-damaged units, broken buttons, or even just outdated units, for deals that might even surprise you. Got an eye on the latest gadget or saving up for something important but a little pricey? Why not make easy money out of your broken phone instead of holding on to it for no real reason?

The Environment

Mobile phones contain chemicals that are harmful when exposed to the environment, which is what eventually happens when you throw them away. Did you know that 70% of the toxic waste in American landfills is made up of electronic waste? Improper disposal of electronic gadgets will pose harmful risks for the environment and people’s health.

By selling our phones, we help stop the global problem of rapidly increasing electronic waste. Let us not add to the alarmingly large number of environmental hazards already plaguing our planet today. The seemingly insignificant act of choosing to sell your phone can make so much difference.

More Room

Thanks to the world-renowned Marie Kondo, something as simple as decluttering has become a raging trend around the globe. We’re going to take a shot here and assume that, in allusion to Ms. Kondo’s ways, your broken phones no longer ‘spark joy’, and it’s time they’re gotten rid of. It will be a sensible choice to give up space they’re taking up in your home. You can make cash and more room for more useful, actually functional items in your house.

The Industry

You will be helping businesses if you decide to sell your phone. According to a study conducted by the University of California and Sta. Barbara, the value of recycled phones is only profitable to recyclers if they come in high volume. It is true that phones contain precious metals; for example, the medals that are going to be used for the upcoming 2020 Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo are made from metals extracted from recycled phones.

However, this feat is made possible by collecting literally millions of phones, something your corner repair shop might have trouble accomplishing. Their income comes mainly from refurbishing and reselling. If you sell your broken phone, you will help these businesses thrive.

The next time your phone drowns or cracks against the pavement and the repairman delivers the bad news that it can no longer go back to its full functionality, consider selling it. For most of its life, it has served you. Why not let it serve you one last time? You will be doing the world a favor as well.