Reasons for playing poker other than making money



Although there are many poker99 players in the world, the majority of them do not play poker to make money. There is a huge percentage of poker players who enjoy the game, appreciate it but making money will never be their main aim to play. All of us would indeed wish to win when we play but most of us also do understand that winning is not a joke. There are different types of poker players. Each player has a different motivation for gambling on poker. Here are some of the reason why people play poker other than making money

Playing poker for fun

This is the number one reason why anyone would wish to play poker other than making money. The fun poker players play poker because they enjoy the game. Fun poker players only play for small stakes. Most of them usually go for limited games but some of them would prefer no-limit games. This is the kind of player who makes the majority of poker players. When you play poker for fun, winning doesn’t matter at all. Although winning will always be a measure of success, any results are accepted but such players as long as they are satisfied playing poker. Having a good time will always be their main aim or agenda. Many prefer to also invest in free poker games.

The ego players

Another reason why people play Judi online other than making money is the ego reason. There is a group of poker players who would rather have fun and be the last one standing than play to lose. They are more like the fun players but they have an added element in their playing which is the ego element. These are the kind of poker players who understand and appreciate hard work. They also know that they are only going to win when they pay attention to what they are doing. It is not that they lack money or they are looking for money, most of them love being the best among other players. The ego players can only be satisfied when they are appreciated as being the best.

The fun plus spending kind of players

Believe it or not, some players do not mind losing some money as long as they have got the happiness they have been looking for. The fun plus a little spending type of poker players are always more serious about the financial element of playing poker. Such players have a clear goal which is to win but they are not interested to win by much. Such players always look for weak games, they study a wide range of material, they work on strategic elements, they keep careful records and they even join discussion groups. The main aim of such players will always be to beat the game. They also appreciate when they make little cash but enjoy when they have fun while playing poker.