ow to Find the Best premium coffee beansand Get the Most Out of Your blends


Finding the best premium coffee beans can be difficult because there are so many brands and options to take into account, fortunately, we’ve done all the legwork for you and we spent more than a year testing and researching over 25 different premium coffee blends to find the absolute best; if you’re looking for the most flavorful, strongest, and least expensive per ounce coffees available, look no further.

These are our top picks for anyone who loves coffee; if you’re looking for the best ingredients for your blends, check out this list of the best premium coffee beansas each of these coffees is distinguished by high-quality standards, distinctive flavors, and affordable price points; they might not all be suitable for you, but taken as a whole, they combine to create some of the most delectable drinks imaginable.

What is a premium coffee bean?

A premium coffee bean is a coffee bean that has been grown in higher altitudinal or soil conditions; these higher altitudes typically result in a coffee that is bolder, darker, and more intense than coffee is grown in the lowlands; it’s not just the altitude that causes the difference, soil conditions can also affect the flavor of the coffee; typically, these beans are grown in the following areas:

  • Alps – Higher elevations result in bolder, darker coffees Bolivian Altiplano
  • Bonaire – Here we have one of the most popular premium coffee blends, El Jefe. This coffee has a bold, rich flavor with notes of cocoa, toasted coconut, and gentle smokiness, it’s perfect for American coffee drinkers who want a rich, bold cup without going overboard.
  • Cristalino – Lower elevations typically result in a coffee that is more delicately sweet.
  • Espresso – The Madeira Islands are famous for their strong, dark, and sweet-tasting coffee, and coffee is farmed in the Italian Alps.

How to Determine What Type of Coffee Bean Is Best for Your Coffees

As mentioned above, the three main profiles of coffee beans are Regular, Decaffeinated, and instant coffee, and while you’re here, though, don’t forget about super-premium coffee beans as there are other profiles of super-premium beans as well:

  • Robusta – These are the strongest coffee beans around and are often used in blends that contain caffeine.
  • Spartan – These coffee beans are known for their strength, but also their low acidity, they make an excellent Latin American coffee.
  • Arabica – The king of coffee beans and the only true coffee fruit, Arabic beans are expensive and difficult to find, so it’s no surprise that a lot of coffee drinkers are in the dark about what type of coffee they’re drinking.

The primary characteristics of coffee beans

Buying beans can be tricky, but this list of the best premium coffee beans has everything you need to know and more – here are the main profiles of coffee beans:

  • Regular: These are the Entry-Level beans, while they may have a higher content of antioxidants than the Decaf counterparts, they’re still very low in caffeine.
  • Decaf: These are the Basic beans that make up the majority of instant coffees and many migraine medications, they’re also low in caffeine and acidity, making them a great choice for regular consumption.
  • Super-premium: These are the Exotics that are only available through specialty coffee shops, while they do have a higher caffeine content than regular beans, they’re also very costly and difficult to find.