New Heights With A cat tower


Although indoor cats may enjoy lavish food and kind care, did you recognize that some of these tamed creatures yearn for the adventure and delight of the great outdoors? Have you ever seen your cat peering intently out the window at thebirds, squirrels, or humans “in the wild”? Cats are incredibly gregarious creatures that have lived in groups for centuries.

Although years of domestication may have switched off some of their brain’s switches, it didn’t stop them from lusting for prey. Consider investing in some cat towers to spice up your pet’s day if you want to improve his quality of life. The highest kind of cat furniture is cat tower, which often stands seven to nine feet tall or more.

These items, as you can see, give a lot of exciting variation for cats, as well as mental and physical stimulation for them. They’re a wide range of furniture, with a variety of perches, ropes, enclosures, slides, steps, and other accessories. Consider them feline obstacle courses. The fact that cats may utilize cat towers in a variety of ways is what makes them so appealing.

It may be a hiding spot for her when she just wants to take asleep, or it could be a hiding place for her when she’s prepared to attack an unsuspecting passerby. If there’s another cat in the mix, things get a lot more raucous. I’ve seen cats chase each other across platforms and perches in animal shelters in a show of pure joy.

Benefits Of Having A Cat Tower

Your cat is a brilliant thinker. With a crumpled piece of paper, a ping pong ball, or a dangling toy on their cat tower, how else could they keep them entertained? Just seeing your cat’s enthusiasm as they play might make you sleepy. While all of this play is enjoyable for children, giving a dynamic environment and frequent playtime has some genuine health advantages.

They can jump to the top of their cat tower and take a snooze once all the fun and excitement of playtime is finished! How can you make the most of your cat’s day by allowing him to play with toys? When you just give over a new toy to your pet, some pet owners have observed that the answer is to disregard it.

If this is the case, it could be a good idea to include the process of finding the item in the enjoyment. You may give her a new toy to play with within her cat tower’s lair and make her feel she’s found some great buried treasure. Allow her to play with her new toy for a few hours after that.

It’s important to remember a few safety precautions while rotating in a few DIY playthings. A simple location for them to squat may be a paper bag. A bag chasing your cat around the home might be quite dangerous if they try to pounce on a passing dust bunny and get trapped in the handles.