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Driving under the influence is a serious crime that can carry fines, license suspensions, probation, or even jail time in the state of California. Due to the possibility of all of these penalties, it is important to retain the services of an experienced Irvine DUI Lawyer for your defense.

The traffic stop is an important first step in a DUI investigation. There are many reasons why a police officer can stop you such as speeding or going through a stop sign, but there are also some illegitimate reasons why officers think they can stop vehicles. Potential defenses against an illegal traffic stop are important because if the stop is declared to be invalid by a judge, the rest of the evidence the state collected after the stop is suppressed.

Field Sobriety Tests are also an important part of a DUI stop that can be attacked by a skilled lawyer. These are not really tests as the name implies, and they are just meant to be observations for a police officer to determine someone’s level of intoxication. There are a number of reasons why people perform poorly on these exercises, especially if they have had injuries, concussions, or a number of other medical issues in the past.

The breath test is the main part of a DUI investigation that is considered scientific evidence. However, breath test machines do not always function properly, and it is possible for a driver to refuse the test. Depending on the specific machine used and the circumstances surrounding the information given to a suspect before the breath test, a lawyer may have a number of defenses.

The license suspension is a huge burden for most drivers, and a good DUI lawyer can help someone who is charged with a DUI get theirs back as soon as possible. A license is necessary as most people need to drive to work, and in some cases the courts may allow for a hardship license to be issued for work purposes only.

Keeping these factors in mind, an expert DUI defense team is available to help with your case. This Irvine DUI Lawyer and staff has been named one of Orange County’s top lawyers and contributed to the treatise recognized as the most important work on California DUI law. There are professionals who specialize in car accidents, toxicology, and other related issues can also be called as witnesses during your trial if needed. They are available to give you professional help and create a defense strategy that will result in the lowest possible penalties based on your situation.

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