Introducing the famous festival of Germany


Germany is the land of poet and thinkers. It is known for its culture and tradition as it has preserved its historic festival traditions. It is famous for its countless festivals. You will be able to know to everything about these festivals through Travelazzi, one of the best travel blogs offering even the minute details.

Some of the best festivals of Germany:

Oktoberfest:This festival is held in September every year at Munich. It begins like you are celebrating a royal wedding. At present it has become the world’s largest folk festival. People visit here to celebrate this festival worldwide, enjoy dancing and singing, drink beer and eat delicious food.Apart from that they take part in rides and parades and walk through the street of Munich on the first day of the festival. The participant who takes part in fairground rides and colorful parades will have to wear special dress. Tents are arranged for the visitors.

Karneval:This festival is held at Cologne for two weeks. The biggest event of this festival is Rose Monday. It is famous for its fancy costumes, parades and evening balls. People dress themselves in funny dresses like clown and go to the street to enjoy the party. This party begins 40 days before Easter. This is the festival of dancing and drinking. Schools, offices, shops etc. remain closed during this festival.

Onionfest: It is the largest harvest festival held in Weimar. Germany cuisine mainly consists of potato and meat. Several festivals \ hosted by Germany are consecrated to its staple crops. People make new dishes from the grown vegetables. They also wear the costumes based on onion themes. It is basically the festival of farmers enjoying their harvesting process.

Pumpkin festival: The theme of this festival is ‘Pumpkin’which is represented by pumpkin art held at Ludwigsberg. It is the world’s largest pumpkin festival. Both kids and adults enjoy this festival. Visitors can have pumpkin food. The most beautiful attraction of this festival is Pumpkin boat race to travel across the pond in which giant pumpkins are used as canoes. These are carved into different forms like monkey, haunted house etc.

Wurstmarkt: This is the largest vine festival held in the month of September at Bad Durkheim. Wurstmarkt is a sausage market and best and famous vines are available in the big halls to small stands and can enjoy delicious food of Palatinate regions. Visitors can also enjoy carnival rides, fireworks and literature contests. It is the best festival to enjoy with your friends and groups.

Unity day:  It is celebrated on 31st October every year because on this day the federal Germany united with democratic republic united to form one federal Germany. The celebration includes: theater performance, horse riding, dice games and merry go-round. A national holiday is declared on this day.

Christmas market: It is a part of traditional holidays in Germany. It is celebrated by every German city. A huge Christmas tree is decorated with lights and advent music is played. Christmas tram based on different theme runs around the city center.