Instagram features perfect for small businesses



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What makes Instagram such a good option for small businesses is the huge number of features that it offers which can be used to do virtually anything. Whether you just want to build brand awareness, make e-commerce sales or to strengthen your community, you will always find the right Instagram feature to achieve your goal. 

Before we get into Instagram features that can help your business, let us briefly take a look at the reasons why you need to use Instagram for your business. First, you should understand that Instagram only moved into e-commerce recently and that is a step that was taken for a good reason. Being able to support businesses has made Instagram more popular than ever before and that is such a good thing. Businesses are now showcasing their products and services to potential buyers and it would be counterintuitive to miss out. Below are some of the features that you should take advantage of to wow your Instagram Follower kaufen.

Instagram shopping

This feature was not always part of Instagram. It was only introduced when Instagram decided to get into e-commerce. However, if your business is the kind where you sell services and products to people, then you should thank Intagram for introducing this feature. Instagram is always adding new e-commerce feature that support businesses and Instagram shopping is one of them.

With Intagram shopping, you are able to tag shoppable products in your Instagram stories and feed posts. Besides that, you can also incorporate a tab for “Instagram Shop” in your profile to showcase your products.

When you add shoppable products in feed posts, your followers will be able to shop featured items when they view “tagged” products in the posts you make. You can make your stories content shoppable by using tappable stickers.

Link in bio

The second Instagram feature that small businesses can benefit a lot from is inserting a link in the bio. This feature is very useful for brands that want to drive up traffic on their profiles and websites from the Instagram app. Unfortunately, this is one of the most underutilized features of Instagram. The link is usually very easy to find and to promote and can help a lot in driving traffic up on your Instagram profile.

Theer are tools out there that can also help you to turn your entire feed into a landing page that can be clicked. The page also updates whenever you make a new post on your profile.

Instagram Live

If your goal is to create a meaningful connection with your online community, then Instagram live is the best tool for you. Since Instagram introduced Intagram Live, may businesses are now leaning more on the side of lifestyle-oriented broadcasts as opposed to in-person events. When busineses are able to bring people together in this way, they strengthen their communities and show a more authentic and human side of their brand. That is just something that consumers love and will promote your small business more if you use it more often.