How We Can Help Nature


When you want to promote the conservation of nature and being green, you may think about reducing greenhouse gases by driving less and using less electricity. These things help, but there are many other things you can do to help Mother Nature heal and thrive. This is not something that can be solved by one person, but rather something that each and every person NEEDS to help with if we are to save this planet from the dark path it is hurtling towards. And as implied, this is not one specific box that somebody can do and tick off a box. There is a holistic system to nature; we must think of all the parts and the myriad activities to pursue and take care of Mother Nature as a whole.

To start, let us ask ourselves, how can we promote conservation of nature in how we act in our everyday life?  The state of nature affects all of us, and we are all capable of helping; these are not pursuits limited to nature warriors, ecologists, or scientists. Read on for ways you can help nature.

Reduce Consumption of Water

As simple as it may seem, if you reduce water consumption used each day it will have a significant impact.  Even a shorter shower can help. Rebalancing water consumption to sustain the other water requirements such as agriculture can help align this fluid of life (farmers also need to work on water conservation, but let’s keep that for another industry related discussion).

Use Reusable Bags

Whether you are shopping for your clothes, shoes and bags, a reusable bag can be a suitable replacement for plastic bags. There are even some countries where it has become law not to use plastic bags in all commercial areas. For their shopping needs, people in these countries are required to bring their own bags.

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Print Only What You Need

It is necessary to be aware of the items that should (and should not) be printed. Sometimes a soft copy is all that is needed. Maybe you only need that file for reference on your smartphone, maybe you don’t need to print any of the amazing nature photos captured with your underwater action camera, or maybe you only need to print 1 page out of the 300 in a reference manual. Only printing what you need creates less waste, uses less ink and dyes, and helps the planet.


Many garbage disposal companies offer recycling service. There are many different ways to recycle, and many different materials that can be recycled. One of the simplest things you can do is take the time to LEARN which recyclable materials your government or disposal service accepts, and then take the time to separate the cans, plastic drinking bottles and other recyclables. Remember, if you don’t properly sort, or if you try to recycle something that they don’t accept, they may not recycle any of what you have provided, and it may be even worse than putting it in the garbage.

Save Electricity

Conservation of electricity has become one of the key successes when it comes to saving our planet. Using energy efficient bulbs is one of the best and easiest ways to conserve power. Turning off the lights and other electrical devices when not in use and lowering your air conditioner when not in use are other ways we can conserve energy.


Avoid Taking Cars Or Take Carpool

As we all know, any type of public transportation that has a mechanical mechanism is terrible for the environment. Better to do carpool to reduce the number of cars on the road. Try taking public transportation so you won’t add up to the harmful effects of the environment. Biking or walking is also a great option as this can also help in the environment. You can reduce greenhouse gasses by burning some calories and improving your health.


Embrace Nature

Nature is the reason we are doing this. Go enjoy nature whenever you can, and help others see the beauty found there. Nature parks, camping, and hiking are wonderful activities that can be practiced responsibly and sustainably. Whether you are going for a ride on your mountain bike, going for a hike with your backpack, or just setting up your inflatable hammock and taking in all the gorgeous scenery of nature, you will appreciate nature and be inspired to help mother earth get back on the healing path.