How to have a healthy sex life


What You Need to Know About Having a Healthy Sex Life | Arizona OB GYN  Affiliates Blog

Human body has some basic needs that are important for them to live a healthy and happy life, one of them is sex. And just like you’d do things to promote your physical wellbeing otherwise, it is vital to also pay similar attention to having a healthy sex life.

Eat well

Eating well is the key to living well and having a healthy sexual life as well. Sex is a demanding physical act therefore, if your dietary needs are not being met, you will struggle with fatigue and have other physical limitations. Consequently, your sexual performance will suffer.

Moreover, diet also plays an important role in sexual impairment as well. One of the causes of erectile dysfunction are the physical ailments like diabetes, arterial hypertension etc. that that are caused due to poor dietary choices.

In order to then be sexually active, people not only then have to manage their disease but also then have to visit a sexologist in Lahore to get help for their sexual dysfunction.

 Therefore, consume a diet rich in natural foods and vegetables. Refrain, or at least limit the intake of refined and junk food. Too much salt can also be bad for health as well.

Get adequate sleep

Sleep and sex enjoy a two-way relationship. Sex helps to have better sleep which is imperative for the proper functioning of the body. On the other hand, lack of sleep adversely affects your sex life.

When you do not sufficient shuteye, your body suffers from lack of energy and is fatigued. It then becomes harder to muster excitement for having sex. Furthermore, sleeplessness also decreases libido.

Lack of adequate sleep also leads to mood problems like sullen disposition, irritability etc. These psychological factors also severely impede on the sex life.

Lack of sleep also causes problems with relationships as well. Therefore, as sex and sleep are so deeply intertwined, the lack of the latter gravely affects the former as well. Hence, in order to have a satisfying sex life, get adequate sleep!

Pay attention to your mental health

Stress has a lot of negative impact on health; from physical to mental ailments, the repercussions are great. A profound impact of stress is also on the sex life as well. In acute cases, stress makes it harder to get in the mood to have sex.

Moreover, in men, stress can also lead to problems in getting an erection, the lack of which leads to even further stress and so goes the vicious cycle. Moreover, stress also causes decreased production of the male hormone, testosterone.

In women, stress can change the conceptualization of sex. Rather than becoming something they enjoy; sex becomes a source of disdain. Female hormones also are affected by stress.

Hence, to be able to have a healthy sex life, it is imperative that you deal with your mental health issues as well.

Refrain from smoking or drinking too much

There are absolutely no benefits to smoking, and that fact that it impairs sexual health is another notch against it. The chemicals in the cigarette smoke leads to all sorts of complications that includes blood flow problems. For men, it has much more important implications as smoking leads to erectile dysfunction as well.

Similar bad influence on the sexual health is alcohol.

Alcohol can slow your system down. And so, from lack of erection to lack of motivation or energy to have sex, alcohol has various repercussions for your sex life. Hence, rather than binge-boozing, limited yourself to only limited alcohol intake.

Talk to your partner

Having a healthy communication is important in all facets of life, especially sex life. It is not always the case that your chemistry with your partner generally also includes sexual compatibility as well.

Many couples then struggle with their sex life then. Too ashamed to talk it over, they make do with unexciting sex, faking orgasms in the process. However, this is an extremely unhealthy practice.

You and your partner both have the right to derive pleasure from sex. Any deficiencies should hence be talked out in clear and candid fashion.

Therefore, be open about your sexual needs and expectations, otherwise, in the long run, it will manifest into unhealthy emotions like resentment towards your partner, lack of interest in sex, aggression due to sexual frustration etc.

Make sex exciting

At times, sex life can become stale which can take excitement out of it. Thus, rather than a pleasurable activity, it becomes a chore.

Therefore, to keep your sex life going strong, try experimenting with sex. Different positions, role-playing etc. are some ways to spice it up.

Talk to expert

Having an unsatisfying sex life is unhealthy. If you are not able to make progress on your own, then perhaps talking to the Best sexologist in Lahore will help.