How Hemp Helps the Body


Hemp cannabis sativa is one of the complete plants on the planet. Although they belong to the same species as marijuana, they are, in fact, very different plants. Hemp, unlike marijuana, does not affect the psyche.

Because of the moisturizing, protective and rejuvenating properties of the seeds, the use of hemp oil in cosmetics benefits the skin. The skin is one of the organs which can take advantage of cannabis plant properties.

Cannabis and the Skin

Cannabis is used for medical purposes, for food, or recreational use. But lately, its use for beauty products is on the rise.

Increasingly beauty brands are using elements of cannabis to help with skin care. The plant contains many differentiated elements, and several of them have already been identified by surveys as very beneficial to our skin, so the cannabis beauty products help to cleanse and keep the skin in adequate form.

The two best known for their results in this area would be cannabis seed oil and hemp extract CBD oil.

The cannabis sativa plant, the well-known hemp, and its marijuana sister are two varieties that share these elements so beneficial to our skin. Hemp contains an insignificant content of THC that is not psychoactive, the opposite of what we call marijuana, which contains sufficient amounts of THC, responsible for the psychoactive effect.

The Oil of Hemp Seeds

Most beauty products that contain hemp refers to seed oil, obtained from seed pressure. Like many oils, hemp contains fatty acids that are moisturizing, protective and repairing the skin.

Most of these skin care products are sold as cleansers or moisturizers, but science also says that omega 3 and 6, phenolic compounds, bioactive phytochemicals, stearidonic acids, saturated oils, antioxidants, carotene, vitamin E, phytosterols, chlorophyll and mineral salts would be present in this beneficial oil for our health.

Hemp seed oil is not psychoactive and therefore is used in beauty products you will never feel psychoactive effects.

The Extract of Hemp or CBD Oil, the Difference:

The CBD or cannabidiol is a non-psychoactive compound found in most cannabis plants, and it has many powerful benefits to our skin. CBD reduces inflammation of the body and, of course, our skin. This powerful element of cannabis is a great natural antioxidant and is used to combat various medical problems.

Products that use these ingredients extracted from cannabis are often called super beauty products because of their generous effects. Rosacea, acne, eczema, psoriasis and other diseases, has a serious enemy called cannabis, in this case, by its seed oil or CBD hemp extract oil.

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