How Effective And Useful Is Fitbit?


What is FitBit?

There are many products of FitBit that perform various things. Among them, the fitness bands and watches that track steps are most used. The accelerometer takes the movement data and translates it into digital measurements. These include counting the steps, measuring the distance that was traveled, calories burned and sleep quality. The FitBit has been popular with people since 2007 and became the most common fitness wearables. This product FitBit is an innovation and first of its kind. This became instantly famous and sought after by many people now. There were many studies done on the effectiveness of this product and provided a varying outcome.

Contributions Of Fitbit

  • Step Count Accuracy – generally this product is very accurate. The studies found that its accuracy is acceptable by 50%. It underestimates the step count during controlled tests and overestimates it during free-living situations.
  • Distance Measurement – According to a study it was found that the greater the walking speed, the less effective this device functions at measuring distance. This can be set right by specifying a stride distance and avoiding the default settings of the device.
  • Energy Expenditure – The results are more uncertain when it comes to counting of calories burnt. It tends to underestimate calories burnt in activities like cycling, raking, and running on the treadmill, and overestimated calories burnt for carrying groceries. 
  • Effectiveness – The effectiveness of this product depends on the user. It is required to engage regularly with the website and self-monitor the progress.
  • Changing Positive Habits – It has proved to increase the physical activity of people who self-motivated and tracked their progress.

What Really Works?

The important aspects to start and maintain a healthy habit is – reasonable goal setting, specific reminders and accountability, and a positive reward system. The FitBit can motivate people by reminding them about their health regime to grow and remain healthy.

Premium Service       

The FitBit has announced a partnership with the Health Promotion Board on a project to help to improvise the health of the general population. This allows the people to sign up for FitBit’s Premium Service at affordable prices in exchange for a free FItBit Inspire tracker. The premium service includes workout videos and audio coaching along with several other things. The purpose of this premium service is to gather behavioral data from the users. This collected data will be used for providing insights. It further will be used to contribute more effective and targeted health intervention and promotional programs that will benefit the people in general.