How can a plus size woman look her best?


Well, every woman is unique in her own way. No matter you have the perfect body shape or you are a plus size, the right fashion tips will make you look great with any body type. Take a look at some of the tips recommended for plus size women:


  • Have the perfect balance between too tight and fit:


There is a lot of difference between getting squeezed in a cloth and donning a well-fit dress. No undergarment lines should be visible through the dress- it is a sign of a tight dress.


  • Own a shapewear arsenal


Who doesn’t need some cinching, support and smooth look? If you want to smoothen your tummy and butt and get a polished look of your clothes, then going for a shape-wear is the best option for you.


  • Do not wear your leggings as pants


Though a little personal, but remember leggings aren’t pants. They are meant to be worn below clothing. This is why they are available in hosiery. Instead, get a pair of jeans or long bottoms.


  • If in doubt, pick a pencil skirt


Get a pencil skirt to the knee. It enhances your curves and offers a great balance to your body.


  • Pick the right pair of shoes


No outfit and look is complete without the perfect shoes. Do not go for straps around the ankle as they make your legs appear shorter. Choose pumps in neutral shades to get a clean look and make your legs appear longer.


  • Focus on the colors you pick


Being plus size, it is important for you to wear right colors. There are some colors which make you look bigger. Go for monochrome shades as they give a chic and slim look. White is a great option for plus size women.


  • Shop through weight variations


Invest in clothing, if you gain or lose some pounds. It is very important to don fit clothes to get a perfect look at any size. 


  • Pick the right size of bag


Carry a bag in proportion to your body. Too small bag isn’t good for you. During day time, you can go for mid-size tote bags, for nights; you can carry a nice hand bag.


  • Tailor your clothing


Wearing nicely tailored clothes is the secret to look great. Wholesale womens clothing department offer great customizations. Make sure the dress hangs perfectly on your body. It is what makes the difference between terrific and terrible.


  • Choose your fabrics correctly


The fabric choices for plus size clothing wholesale works on different body types in different ways! Full figured women should never go for fabrics which add volume to their body. Go for thin fabrics which make you feel light. Go for fabrics which are flowy and make you comfy rather than choosing stiff clothes. 

These styling ideas are perfect for plus size women who feel lost. Check out the collection at lover-beauty and outshine everyone around you. The collection will make you look no less than a fashion icon.