How are the hybrid strains different from each other?


If you place your order, you may get same day weed delivery Vancouver in the present era. However, the knowledge of hybrid strains is vital before you place the order. 

Ruderalis – You will find the new variant ruderalis reflecting a few characteristics of the indica plants. However, there will also be some levels of THC content. So, you can categorize it as a hybrid variety made of sativa and indica plants together. You will get a little bit of head high but high levels of physical relaxation upon consumption of this hybrid variant. 

Chemdawg – If you ask people about their experience of consuming chemdawg, they would say that they were in their best form in whatever they did at that time. For instance, if you sit to study for your exam the next day, you would have to focus extremely well. If you consume this THC-rich cannabis variant before sitting for the study session, you can read and understand the concepts well without losing your concentration. Likewise, you can make use of this hybrid strain in whatever situation you want. 

Gorilla glue – People who are struggling with insomnia who could not sleep properly could get better sleep if they consume gorilla glue. Gorilla glue is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that would give you an initial head high and strong mental relaxation. So, you can get away with some of the mental issues like stress, anxiety, depression, and many more. It may smell like chocolate diesel and taste like Chem’s sister. However, there would be a sour taste left behind in your throat after consumption.  

Sour Diesel – Since the hybrid strain has a diesel-like smell with a souring taste, it has got its name. You can find the characteristics of both sativa and indica plants in this variant. For instance, you will get the head high along with pain relief on your body parts. Also, you can have the effects of being energetic throughout the day and increased motivation to get involved in things upon consumption. 

Purple Kush – Purple kush will have a grape-like flavor and taste and hence, it has got its name. You can use this variant if you wish to get some mental relaxation. Also, the consumption of purple kush could get relief to your muscle spasms and other pains. One can grow this variant both indoors and outdoors. Some people claim that they got relief from stress and anxiety upon consumption of this variant. 

Blue dream – It is a new variant in the cannabis market and it will bring the taste of sweet berries liked by several users. Since it provides relief from mental stress and provides relaxation, the hybrid variety is widely popular around the world. The THC compounds in the strain are responsible for the relaxation you get upon consumption. It could help you get relieved from stress, depression, and nausea. Some growers would infuse CBD compounds into this strain to get the benefits of CBD as additional characteristics for therapeutic usage.