Handy Gives You Advice on How to Stay Married


In almost every culture around the world, marriage is a ritual symbolizing the bonding of human spirituality and togetherness. However, in the world these days, divorce or separation has become a very common phenomenon. People often fail to cope with the modern lifestyle. In fact, marriages that are decades old are also breaking apart. In this article, Handy gives you advice on how to stay married happily and prevent bad feelings.

The Ways

Here are some factors that you must follow if your goal is to stay together forever: 

  • Communicate properly – One of the key aspects of every healthy marriage is proper communication. Communicating with your spouse does not mean discussing kids and how to nurture your child, talking about grocery lists, or deciding who will pay the utility bills. Proper communication with your partner includes discussions about your dreams and aspirations, problems and anxieties, and things that reside in your heart that you cannot tell anyone else.
  • Don’t force your opinions – We all are different human beings with different attitudes, different sets of beliefs, and different psychological and social orientations. Thus, having different opinions regarding different situations is also very common. You must understand this and try not to enforce your opinions regarding certain things upon your partner to maintain a healthy marital relationship.
  • Try to understand their emotions – Psychologists suggest that behind every hard emotion, there is a hidden soft emotion. For example, whenever we vent anger, there may be other softer emotions, such as sadness, disappointment, or jealousy disguised behind it. We often just use anger as a mask to hide our vulnerabilities. Thus, whenever there is a display of hard emotions from the other end, try to locate the reason behind it. By doing so, you would be able to empathize with their emotions without causing any further problems.
  • Learn to stay happy – If you aren’t happy within, you cannot make your partner happy either. Try to stay happy, smile more often, and use humor to make your partner laugh whenever possible.  Hold their hands during all the ups and downs. Try to believe that every night has a day, and you can survive every hardship when you are together.

Spend time together; if you both are free, go to watch movies, have dinner in restaurants, pass good times on bed, and spend your holidays in vacations whenever possible.

  • Realize that we all make mistakes –Learn to accept your mistakes and take responsibility for things you shouldn’t have done. Stay faithful to your partner – both emotionally and sexually. Before pointing a finger at your partner, try to evaluate yourself.

Don’t hesitate to say ‘sorry’ even if it is not your fault. A simple ‘sorry’ has the power to do wonders. 

Try to believe that marriage is not the end of your youthful romantic days, rather, it is the beginning of the most romantic relationship for you both. Whenever you become indifferent to the internal issues going within your relationship by deciding not to act upon them, it creates an emotional distance, consequently leading towards a search for the nearest available escape – a divorce. 


All marriages, more or less, go through seasons of hardships. Handy suggests that you put aside your common response of blaming and accusing your spouse and try to understand that it takes understanding, responsibility, and cooperation from both sides to help keep a marital relationship intact.