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Online casinos have changed the experience of gambling completely. Many people have still not tried playing casino games online. They should know that a player or a gambler can play online casino games only through standard websites. The gclub is one such website for online gambling. You can not only play online casino games on the gclub website but also download the applications.

Applications provided by gclub:

         The Royal application and royal v2 application are two applications designed for online gambling by the gclub. Both of these applications were launched by gclub and were designed by Yama play technology. These apps were launched in 2019. So, it is quite recently launched but it still has 2.6 million downloads.

         You can find this app on the google play store itself or you can even download this app from the club website where you will find the link for downloading it from the play store. 

         For the IOS users who want to download this app, they can visit the gclub website called gclubplatinum.com and click the download button available. After downloading this application you will have to change a few settings on your phone. So, go to the settings menu and then go to device management. You need to now search for the Enterprise app and click on the trust again option this should enable you to use this app on your ios platform without any error.

Why different apps?

         The gclubis called the master of gambling websites because they were among the very few gambling websites to have an app on the play store making it possible for them to reach more people and have more earnings. You might have seen that there are two different apps for the same gaming experience provided by the gclub.

         This is because there are two main types of operating systems for cell phones they are android and IOS. The Royal online is the name of the application available for the IOS operating system. The Royal online v2 is the app for playing casino games online for android users.

         Even though you are not playing on the website but an app, you still get to play with real players in live form. The game that you will be playing will get broadcasted live from the Poipet side of Cambodia and the Diamond crown casinos.

Why gclub applications?

         The gclub online casino is extremely reliable. The main reason is that the main sponsors of the gclub casino games are the Poipet casino. They are famous and ensure safe play without any cheating. 

         They offer great deals on their RTP rates or return to player rates. This ensures that more people download their apps. These apps connect you live directly to the servers of the main gclub casino sponsors who offer great service in terms of reliability and safety in each play.

         The website is accessible to all the players of the countries where gambling is legal. They offer a complete service of 24 hours even though it is an app and not an actual casino.

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