French fries at their best


Do you own a fast-food restaurant? Are you planning to open a food truck and you are unsure of the type of food containers to choose? Maybe you are expanding your menu and introducing a takeaway option for your dishes? If you can answer “yes” to at least one of these questions, then this is something for you!

The many forms of french friesĀ 

Who doesn’t love these golden brown snacks made from potatoes? There are so many shapes and sizes of them we can enjoy. Straight, curly, thin or thick. Let’s not forget the ball-shaped ones or other non-standard kinds like wavy, twisted or waffle shaped. Long or short, perfect for one bite. Some are made from potatoes, some from potato starch, formed into various shapes. There are more options to choose, however. Enough to get us all mouth watering on the thought. Regardless if you serve them with or without unique sauces, you will need a container to put them in; one that will not get damp from the oil and will make the experience a pleasant one for your customers.

packaging for fries

What is the best way to serve and eat french fries?

There are many options of containers for french fries– cone-shaped, paper trays, or envelopes with printed messages. The ones we choose will help determine the quality of the dish and the way we consume it. Choosing the cone-shaped container, although being an attractive option, we must hold it in our hand. It is difficult to place it down on a table without spiling some of the fries, if there are tables or trays available, that is. There isn’t much room for sauces in a cone other than putting it directly in a feeder attached to its edge. It works in case of thicker cones, and for small portions.

Larger portions should be served in paper envelopes with print. These are equally convenient to the cones, they fit in hand, and can keep the fries warm longer. Envelope-like containers made from thicker material can be placed on a table, without the risk of spilling the chips around. It is an excellent solution for food trucks and restaurants serving their dishes to go. Both cones and envelopes can have printed messages on them, such as company information, it is free advertising.

Trays are the best option for restaurants and food trucks with tables for sitting customers. Not only will they hold more fries, but there is also enough room for sauces and other condiments. All paper containers for fries are eco-friendly, unlike their plastic counterparts. That is why it is better to choose these to help the environment. The plastic form can be replaced with a toothpick, a wooden stick, or bamboo utensils.