Football Betting In Vietnam- A Vwin Story


If you are a regular football gambler but do not know how football betting was introduced in Vietnam then you are not connected to the roots of football betting. You need to understand the beginning of football betting in Vietnam. In this article, we are going to talk about the origin of football gambling in Vietnam before you head down to vwin and enjoy a wide range of football betting opportunities. We will be talking about how for centuries all types of gambling including football betting was considered illegal in Vietnam to how it has now become one of the most promising betting and gambling in the same country.

Football gambling in Vietnam- the history

Even though football gambling is now one of the most popular kinds of gambling in Vietnam and surrounding countries, for centuries any sort of gambling was considered illegal. Even the practicing of football betting could get people into trouble. A travelogue writing in the 1940s states that businessmen used to get themselves involved in gambling by putting dice in bowls with their customers while housewives would bet on whose horoscope is fortunate. Both these situations have proven that the results were fifty-fifty which means that both the group of people who return home empty every other day with their hard-earned money being disappeared.

When were sports betting legalized in Vietnam?

Vwinis one of the most popular Vietnamese websites which offer quality sports betting opportunities. But did you know that it was only in the year 2017 that authorities in Vietnam legalized gambling and forms of betting? People with foreign passport owners have access to eight casinos in the country even though investors are looking for a domestic customer following to make some big money out of these casinos. Even though the country had shown interest in legalizing sports betting in the same year, it was only in the year 2018 on the 14rth of June that the National Assembly passed the bill.

A 2017 decree was passed following the bill which legalized football, horse, and greyhound betting in the international arena.

Who all can participate in sports gambling in Vietnam?

When sports gambling was legalized in the minimum age for players to participate in sports betting is 21 years while the minimum bet amount is 1000 dong and the maximum amount of money players can invest as a bet is a million dong in a day. In addition to the minimum age limit, the players also need to have no criminal record to participate in football gambling.

Why has vwin become a popular football betting website?

When you decide to avail of gambling services from vwinyou just have to be of 18years of age and the website authorities do not consider criminal record details relevant. In addition to that, you can live in any part of the world and can enjoy amazing football betting opportunities for both international and domestic level football matches of your choice. Have a great time with football betting while being at home!