Food Processor Homemade Dog Food


I have 2 dogs. I don’t have any children and my dogs are a huge part of my life. I try really hard to keep them in great health and take care of them. They’re basically like my furry kids.

One day things got a little crazy as one of my dogs started having a lot of digestive issues and skin rashes. I had no idea what was going on, so I took her to the vet. They ran some tests, and it turned out that she was basically allergic to everything under the sun. 

The vet put her on some medication and told me I had to stop feeding her the current food that I was using because there were a few ingredients that she was allergic to. The vet was planning on researching different foods and would get back to me, but in the meantime I was at a loss with what I should feed this poor dog. 

I was determined to figure something out, so I sat down and dove into serious research. It seemed that the only thing I’d be able to do is make my own dog food with ingredients that she wasn’t allergic to. I decided on a recipe that included ground meat, zucchini, spinach egg and rice since she was allergic to peas and carrots. 

The one caveat was that I’d need to grind it using a food processor. I did not own a food processor, but this seemed like a good enough reason to go ahead and purchase one. I did some basic research and I stumbled across KitchenWorksInc, where I found the Cuisinart DFP-14BCWNY Food Processor. It had great reviews and I could easily make big batches. I ordered it and got to work on shopping for my ingredients. 

When my Cuisinart food processor arrived, I was anxious to get started. I made up large batches of the food and fed it to both of my dogs. They seemed hesitant at first, really giving it a good sniff. Then they went to town and devoured it all. 

When the vet called, with literally one option for pre-made food, I explained to her how I chose to handle the situation. She thought this was a wonderful idea and asked me to keep her updated on how my dog was doing. 

Aside from having to order the one option for food online, it was also crazy expensive. I was really hoping that my method would be good for my dog. Otherwise this was going to get a little out of hand. 

After a week all seemed to be going well with the food. My dog wasn’t having any reactions to anything in it and she seemed more peppy, which was great. The allergies were exhausting her before. Even though my other dog didn’t need the food, he was just as happy to eat it too. 

Fast forward to 3 months into making my own dog food. Everything is still going wonderfully, and my dogs seem to be thriving. My dog isn’t having anymore issues with anything, which is so relieving. 

Aside from that great news, it’s so much cheaper to make your own dog food than it is to buy it. I didn’t expect that! Plus, people have been asking me if I could make dog food for their dogs too, and they’re paying for it! Now I have a little side hustle going. 

My dogs are in great health and I have extra income, so there is no downside to making my own dog food. I’m so thankful that I found a way to make this all work and to preserve my dog’s health. It’s such a relief.