Do Hidden Alcoholism and Secret Drinking Exist?


The truth is that both exist. If you really want to go through the addiction recovery process successfully, you have to be truthful to yourself and those around that are helping you stay true to the program. Honesty is one important aspect of this program that should never be ignored, a sit goes a long way to help.

It is common to see people lie about how much drink they have consumed. Some hide the fact that they still drink from those around them. It doesn’t matter if you are the person in question or a loved one is the one doing these things, it is definitely saddening. The person should be enrolled in alcohol rehab

What is Secret Drinking?

This is when alcoholics drink in secret. They may have a place where they won’t be noticed and they drink there regularly. They could tell their loved ones that they are going to take a stroll and end up at a secluded part of the park drinking. 

As long as an alcoholic has to hide to drink, that is secret drinking. This is usually common for alcoholics that have a high tolerance for alcohol. It is also called pregaming by some alcoholics. 

How to Spot Hidden Alcoholism

It is easy to spot those that have hidden alcoholism.

Sometimes, they love to go for vodka instead of other alcohols because it could be mistaken for water. It is transparent and doesn’t have an odor. We are not saying that because someone likes vodka that he is an alcoholic. If he puts his vodka in water bottles, or add it in other beverages like tea, soda, and so on, he may be one.  

Sometimes, those suffering from hidden alcoholism tend to hide their alcohol in things that seem like normal objects like electronic devices, perfume bottles, and so on. If the said person does it once in a while, then he or she may not be an alcoholic, but if it is a daily affair, he or she may be one. Some even bring it while in an alcohol rehab program. 


It is important to spot out the signs of hidden alcoholism and nip it in the buds.