Common club drugs and their effects on users


According to Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN), there are diverse club drugs that are being used by people today. The truth is that users love to combine various drugs they can find for an amplified experience. Cocaine, alcohol and Marijuana are among the commonly abused drugs which you will find in the club. A new set of drugs is however taking over with more dire consequences than the regular drugs you know of. People are now abusing sedatives, anesthetics and anti-depressants to experience dream like experiences when escaping reality. Below are the different set of new club drugs which when used can end up having adverse effects on the health of the user.


Being the top on this list, 2-fdck is a sedative which can be used for both human and veterinary medical procedures. In today’s clubs, people are using this drug to experience hallucinations and escape from reality. There are some who have medical prescription for the same however majority of the users prefer to use it for recreational purposes. In the wrong doses, the drug can amplify one’s blood pressure and affect the respiratory system too. Overdoses are known to be fatal and could lead to mental confusion, memory losses and worse still comas.


Crystal or crank as it is often called; this drug is a synthetic stimulant that can give the user hallucinations. Irritability and panic are among the common effects of the drug on the user. Those that use it claim to be confident, energetic and even more alert than their normal states. When used recurrently, crank can be addictive and also cause irreversible damages to your body organs like heart, liver and kidney. The hallucinations and irritations experienced can easily be severe depending on the amount of the drug that one has used.


Lysergic Acid Diethylamide is a night club drug which can be found easily in the streets today. There has been increased abuse of LSD despite being illegal in most countries to do so. When used, the drug affects the personality, mood and even the surrounding in which the user is in when using it. One of the signs of LSD use includes dilated pupils, burning body temperature and increased heart rate. Other side effects include loss of appetite, dryness of the lips and mouth, insomnia and tremors. Overdosing on this drug will easily cause dramatic flashbacks, illusions of grandeur among other numerous psychotic ideations.


Rophies are very common street drugs people use in the clubs today to have fun. They belong to benzodiazepine type of drugs and can also be effective sedatives in the case that the recommended sedatives are not available for problems like respiratory depression. People use it along with alcohol to experience mental confusion or alterations to one’s consciousness. The drug is highly addictive and excessive use can easily cause dizziness, loss of focus, coma and even slowing lethargy.