Benefits of Buying a Custom Leather Portfolio


Having a personalized leather portfolio is a real investment. These leather portfolios can cost more than your ordinary portfolio because they are made from special material. There are several advantages to buying a custom embossed leather portfolio.

Whether you want a leather portfolio for personal use or to be given to someone else, it is a good idea. What makes leather good?

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Leather has been used for a long time because it is durable. Leather can last for many years as a long as you maintain it properly. Even with regular use, you will notice that leather can still look good as new. Durability is one of the characteristics of leather that makes it very appealing to many.


Leather can take a lot of wear and tear but still look good nevertheless. It can resist dryness and is waterproof too. Leather cannot be affected by dust mites or fungus so it can protect the contents. Leather that has been treated can even be waterproof to a certain extent.



The leather feels good to the touch and no matter if the leather is dyed in different colors, it can still look beautiful. The reason why there are colored leathers is because of competition. So if you want to make an impression to your clients you should go for a custom embossed leather portfolio.



If you want to customize leather products, you can do so easily. Adding personal touches to the leather portfolio can give it a new look. Personalizing a journal or portfolio can be done when giving it to someone as a gift.

Good for the environment


Plastic-based products can be harmful to the environment. Leather, on the other hand, is eco-friendly. It degrades over time and even treated leather can eventually dissolve into the earth.



Most people are under the impression that leather is expensive. A leather portfolio is affordable. Even though you might need to pay a little bit more for leather, you end up saving money in the long run.


Leather gives a timeless elegance that everybody can see. Even though there has been a lot of issues concerning the use of leather, there are still many all over the world that use leather in shoes, bags, and portfolio.

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Leather vs. Canvas


Since there are issues with leather usage, the canvas is another option. How are they different?


Canvas is lighter and easier to carry as opposed to leather. It is also more versatile because manufacturers can have different shapes and styles with a canvas bag. Leather cannot be that versatile.


However, if you want to look formal, a leather portfolio is the best choice. If you have back-to-back meetings and presentations, you cannot very well bring a canvas tote to work with your formal attire.


If you feel that you need to choose between canvas and leather, you have to determine the occasion where you will carry your bag and the attire that will go with it. Aside from the differences in fashion, leather is durable and reliable and can last a long time. For more information, explore iCarryalls.