Basic types of car accidents to know


Car accidents are becoming more common in the busy schedule of modern people. The number of cars roaming around has increased and the number of people not following the traffic rules has also increased. So, you could do whatever you could to protect yourself from the damages you could face during an accident. You can apply and get compensation for your injuries and loss of income with the help of a Stuart car accident lawyer. However, the following knowledge of the types of accidents would help you a bit to beware of the possible accidents on road.

Sideswipe collision

Whenever you are driving in the neighboring lane of another car coming with the same horizontal line, you should be careful. At times, the driver could lose his control and slide towards your lane or his blind spot could bring his car to your lane. Either way, the two cars would collide with each other on the side portion and some damages may happen. However, the impact caused by a sideswipe collision would be less and you need not worry about fatalities. However, it is advisable to concentrate on the distance between the two vehicles when you are driving on the neighboring lane of another car.

Side-impact collision

It is nothing but the event of two cars colliding on each other at the junctions of the roads. For instance, you may have come across several junctions during your drives. If there is a vehicle about to take a turn from any of the roads of the junction when you are moving straight, their front end could collide with your side when any of you two lose control or sight of the other vehicle. Usually, it would happen when the road is full of traffic and when any one of the drivers does not follow the traffic signals. So, you should always beware of the possibilities of a car coming from any road of the junction when you cross it. Even when there is a green signal in the junction for your way, you should keep an eye on the other roads to avoid fatalities due to the mistake of another driver.

Single car accident

An accident event doesn’t need to include two or more vehicles where one vehicle has the fault and another being the victim. Sometimes, a single-car could end up in an accident without the impact of another car. However, there might not be a fault for the driver also. It could usually happen when a man or an animal comes in the line of the vehicle and the driver tries to avoid hitting them. Since the driver gets disturbed suddenly due to this event, he could not have control when he is diverting the vehicle. It could lead to the collision of the vehicle with something like a pole, divider, or tree. The injuries could be severe depending on the impact force and the obstacle size. However, you can protect yourself with your seatbelts.