Automatic Transmission Fluid


Have you ever wondered why there’s an oil in automatic transmission? Its principal role is torque transmission from the motor. At precisely the exact same time it must lubricate each and every mechanism in the transmission. What’s worth mentioning is that all control equipment changes are performed by using sophisticated hydraulic systems, where the working fluid is the gear oil.

Care for your car

If you want your vehicle to work long and with no problems you need to care about it. In regards to the automatic transmission the support process which has a massive influence on it durability is your oil change. You must do it regularly.

Cars that are used in normal conditions and have manual transmission, may have the original oil for even couple hundreds of thousands miles. In automatic transmission this circumstance differs. The objective of the oil isn’t just to lubricate the mechanics but additionally, it transmits the torque in the hydraulic clutch. Its function is much harder that in guide gear-box. What is more in automatic transmission the petroleum attributes are important since such gearing are hydraulically controlled with countless tiny little oil stations and several precise valves.

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That’s the reason even tiniest contamination or change of oil viscosity can lead to jerking of the gearing or even make it stop working in any way.

It’s obvious that the producers know about that and it’s interesting that they don’t mind claiming that the oil in automatic transmission does not need to be changed. Why? The main reason is so simple. It is always about the money.

An according expert of CarLifeGuru, the initial oil in brand new car will continue until the end of warranty period. What happens after this is the customer’s problem.

All of us know that the cost of fixing or even replacement of the gear-box is quite expensive and might cost thousands of dollars. So don’t trust the manufacturers and adjust the oil even in a new vehicle.

How often should we change oil?

Experts suggest to alter both oil and filters at least every 37500 miles if your car is brand new. If it is old and has greater mileage do it each 18750 miles.

Well, it isn’t the least expensive change in the world but it’s well worth it. Authorized services do not fix transmissions themselves. To tell the truth, they hardly ever can operate them correctly and that’s why for an oil change it’s ideal to make an appointment in the service which specializes in automatic transmissions.

If our car has quite modern gearing we must be very careful with picking the ideal oil. The manufacturers tend to use exceptional products nowadays and in several automated gear-box an easy oil for AFT can cause key damages.

What’s tricky is that some oils can’t be bought in any store and you can only get them in the service.

You should be also conscious of how the manufacturers of automatic transmissions (the majority of the automobile manufacturers buy them from the companies that specialize in that) do not usually claim that they don’t require any changes.

Manuals (they are intended for the licensed services not the drivers) advise that the oil should be changed every 50,000 – 60,000 miles or every 6-8 years.  If the vehicle has higher mileage or is used in extreme conditions those amounts should be shorten.

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