Are you a new gambling player? Know the different types of bonus offers


The bonus provides the primary factor which is provided by the websites for attracting gambler toward their sites. The higher the bonus provided by the websites, the number of users will increase automatically. Bettors can use these bonuses for gambling of a small amount without risking anything. If you want to get more bonus, you can try your luck on UFA. You can place a bet on ufabet too. It is an ufabet เว็บตรง (direct website). There are many types of bonuses which are provided by websites.

Welcome bonus

It works as per his name, which is a welcome bonus. The new users only avail themselves after proper registration. It will be added instantly after signup. The amount of bonus is small, but you can try your luck without risking anything. The amount of welcome bonus is prefixed for all the user. Mainly this bonus is provided by the websites to users for enjoying the fun of online casino.

 Many online gambling sites don’t permit using all the bonus at one time. For taking knowledge about this, you have to check all the rules and regulation of the websites before signing up.

Deposit bonus

It also works as per its name that a user gets a bonus on depositing in its online gambling account. This amount of compensation is prefixed in the term of percentage on your deposit. Some sites provide 100%, and some provide 200% of the deposit which you have been deposited in your account. 

It means if you deposit money in your gambling account, then you will get twice or thrice of the amount. The amount of deposit bonus can be more significant than the welcome bonus because it depends on your deposit amount. Some sites provide the deposit bonus facility only on first deposits, but some sites give a bonus on your second transaction.


Cashback means that some user leaves the website or gambling because of shortage of money which is a direct loss for the websites. So, the gambling site provides 5 to 10% of the lost amount to the user for making their account active. This bonus is beneficial for both parties.

Lucky draws

Many sites provide a bonus in the form of lottery ticket And lucky draws, which is also a good thing for testing your fortune. Gamblers also get house appliances or any trip ticket etc., in draws. Both new and old user can avail this bonus. It is given to the lucky user for testing their luck.

Daily bonus

The bonus is availed by the customer regularly after a fixed time interval. Some sites give this bonus as a lucky spin which provided daily, weekly or monthly.

Free spin

It is a part of a daily or regular bonus. It is mentioned earlier that it is given to the gamblers regularly.


The gambling websites provide all the bonuses as mentioned above for free. All the bonuses have their terms and condition. You should have to read all the rules and regulation before registration. 

You can use this bonus for improving your skill too.