Are British Companies Leading the Modular Revolution?


Many people love the idea of building houses off-site and then transferring them. Many British companies are constructing modular houses. The citizens appreciate this type of construction because it is affordable and is interesting. Modular housing is significantly practiced in the United Kingdom. The modular revolution has solved the UK’s housing crisis, and thus many people, now have beautiful houses. Prefabricated houses are made in different style British companies. British companies are leading in Modular revolution due to various reasons which include:

Support of the Government 
The UK government is in full support of the modular revolution. Last year the housing secretary, James Brokenshire, opened the Knaresborough site and he said that the site would build 300,000 modular houses. In 2017, the government supported the construction of about 220,000 modular homes in England. The British government has been offering full support to the construction of modular houses. For this reason, British companies remain top of the list for constructing modular homes. The government partnered with Japanese developer Sekisui Homes on a £90m scheme to deliver modular houses. Therefore, the government is in full support of the construction of modular homes, which benefits UK companies. Modular buildings UK is one of the subjects that the government is working on, and it hopes to change the construction culture of the UK.

Advanced Construction
Another reason why British companies are leading in the modular revolution is that they were the first companies to construct sophisticated modular homes. British companies were the first to construct a fully fitted three-bedroom modular house. The house consists of a well-equipped kitchen, living room, bathroom, and the bedrooms. Surprisingly, the houses are affordable than what it costs for a permanent three bedroomed house. The houses are constructed with different materials depending on clients’ preferences and transferred to the site. Therefore, British companies constructed advanced modular homes which offer comfort and is of high-quality. Modular buildings UK is on another level which inspires other countries. 

Productive Partnerships
UK companies are signing productive partnerships which make them lead the modular revolution. WElink, Group and leading housing association Your Housing Group (YHG), partnered with China National Building Material Company’s (CNBM) to create new building ideas. China has strong construction skills, which were lacking in the UK for some time. Therefore, UK companies decided to make partnerships with other countries to improve their styles of construction. 

This was a significant step because modular houses in the UK are on another level with construction skills from all over the world. This put UK companies on the map when it comes to modular revolution. The UK government encouraged innovative ideas of homes to help reach their target of 1 million homes by 2020. This led to the partnerships that UK companies are making to reach the government’s objective and also to construct creative modular homes. Modular buildings UK is a topic that has encouraged many partnerships in the country.

Demand for Houses
The demand for houses in UK is high, and for this reason, companies are working hard to create many modular homes. This makes UK companies be top as they construct thousands of modular homes than any other country. UK companies are building high-quality modular homes, and thus, they are not just leading in modular revolution, but they are delivering high-quality modular homes.