All about Sports Betting: Different Types


Sports betting is an extremely popular type of gambling. There are many different variations, but the most common types are spread Betting and fixed-odds gambling. Where you place your bet determines what type of bet it will be. This blog post talks all about sports betting and its types.

The types

  1. Spread Betting

Spread Betting is when the bettor chooses to place their stake on any outcome of an event other than a simple win or lose. The spread can be between odds-on and underdog, but it doesn’t have to be. A $100 wager could mean that you are backing one team at -140 while another may come in at +200, for example.

This means there will still only be two possible outcomes – either your team wins or loses – just how much you win on where they finish relative to your chosen side.

  1. Fixed-odds

Fixed odds is when you bet on a win or lose outcome. You will always be given the same payout, and it can never change, no matter what happens with the game’s scoreline. This is because your return – for example if we were to say $100 – has already been calculated at its most likely price before any games have even begun; there’s no chance of winning more than this amount (or less) regardless of how many goals are scored in a particular match.

The maximum loss you face here would typically be £50 as well, which means that should your team fail to make it onto the scoreboard, you simply walk away empty-handed after paying out half of your stake as a potential consolation prize instead. The sekabet sportsbook has a wide variety of different types of sports betting, such as Spread Betting and Fixed-Odds.

  1. Head-to-Head

A head to head bet is when you choose just two teams or individuals and then back them both for one of them to win. For example, if you think Real Madrid will beat Barcelona next weekend but also fancy backing Barcelona at the same time because they are your second pick – this would be a head to head wager. There can only ever be one winner, so we must back both sides correctly. The sekabet new entry promo gives you a 100% bonus when signing up.

  1. System bets

Systems are one of the most popular types in sports betting. This is where you back three or more teams/individual players at once, usually by including a draw as part of your selection. If you think all five tennis matches on Centre Court will go to three sets, for example, this would be referred to as a ‘tennis system’.

The point here is that there must always be an outcome that results in no money being paid out – otherwise, it’s just another type of bet instead.

  1. Accumulators

An accumulator, also known as an ‘acca’, combines more than one individual bet into a single wager. So, for example, if you think Manchester City will beat Arsenal but both teams will score at least two goals each in doing so – this would be considered an accumulator because there are three separate bets grouped here.