Air Balancing: How To Avoid Hot And Cold Spots In Your Home


Hot and cold spots in your home can be a real problem, not only because they make your interiors uncomfortable but you aren’t really sure from where the issue is originating. But air balancing isn’t exactly rocket science either, it’s actually a smart way to save money on air conditioning.

The trick, of course, is to find the hot and cold spots located in your home and the fixing the issue that is contributing to the problem. Some of these issues can be diagnosed on your own but if you are really have trouble getting to the heart of the matter, you may have to call a technician that does ac installation richmond.

So if you are experiencing uneven heating or cooling when the temperatures get to the extreme, here are some of the areas you will want to check out first:


One of the most common causes of hot and cold spots in your home is faulty ductwork. Uneven heating or cooling might be an indication that you’re having an issue with the ducts. You most likely have a leak somewhere and the air is seeping out of the house instead of getting into the rooms you are hoping to make more comfortable.

Any leak in your ductwork is going to compromise the efficacy of your HVAC system and the problem can be costly and throw the balance of your air entirely off in your home. If you suspect there ducts are your main concern, you probably won’t determine that by yourself and you will need to call in the professionals to take a look.

Your Vents

The vents in your HVAC system are imperative for ensuring that your climate-controlled air is getting evenly distributed throughout the home. But if the vents in the rooms where you want your heated or cooled air to reach, you’re going to have severe hot and cold spots everywhere.

The good news is that a vent issue can be a relatively easy problem to fix. In most cases you need to look no further than the vent grating located in each room. Check to see if the vent is open or if it’s closed. If it’s the latter, you just need to open it and let the air inside.

The bigger problem is when your vent is open and there’s no air getting in. In that case, you may have a vent that is clogged or dirty, something is obstructing the vent. All you need to do is clean the vent or remove any blockages that are making it difficult for air to get through, whether it’s something located inside the duct behind the vent or something positioned in front of it.

The Thermostat Switch

Take a look at your thermostat and you’ll find a switch labeled “on” and “auto”. It’s important to have the switch set to the proper position. “On” will keep the fans blowing in your HVAC mechanism, “auto” moves the air through your ducts when the system is operating and producing climate-controlled air.