6 ways a high quality underfloor safe can help you


It is not unusual to think about hiding your precious belongings in a way that makes them invisible. It is always wise to stash your valuables out of sight. This is where underfloor safes can step in. They are actually invisible, as they stay under your floor and could be covered by rugs.

What makes an underfloor safe really special?

There are many things that make an underfloor safe a great alternative for the usual safes which stand on the floor:

1-      They are not visible

Visible traditional safes are typically tempting. They can catch the attention of anyone dropping by. No need to mention that thieves like to try their luck with traditional safes. An underfloor safe is the exact opposite of all this. Simply because they are tucked away under the floor.

2-      They provide additional safety

Traditional safes definitely offer a big deal of safety and underfloor ones take things to the next level. In addition to being invisible, they have covers of tough concrete under the floor. Also, the door is round and relatively heavy. Also the body of the vault is not easy to steal away. Such qualities make this type of safe difficult to steal or break forcefully.

3-      Protection against fire

There are types of traditional safes that provide fire resistance. But an underfloor safe will go the extra mile. A hidden safe with its concrete case provides ultimate resistance against fire. Another advantage is that a hidden one won’t be subjected to fire, as they are not on the surface.

4-      A great deal of practicality

You don’t always have to open the safe every time you want to use it. In some of its types you can find a chute for adding deposits.  Such a thing can spare you the effort of opening the safe every time you wish to add a deposit. This is not always the case with all types of hidden safes. There are some types of safes that provide this option, while others don’t.

5-      Possibility of DIY installation

You might think that an underfloor safe can be very difficult to install due to the in-ground location. This is not very true. This type of safes suit your abilities if you are in the mood for a DIY activity. Of course if you know your way with concrete saws and shovels, you won’t find installing very tricky. In case you don’t have proper equipment or sufficient experience, you can use professional help from a handyman.

6-      It is useful for insurance

Insurance companies like to cover homes with security measures. This means that your underfloor safe would look lucrative in the eyes of the insurance company. So, you will not only get protection for your valuables, but also you will receive decent insurance coverage.

Investing in a high quality floor safe will have great returns on many levels. You can have full peace of mind knowing that your precious stuff is out of sight. Everything you hold dear is well-kept and can’t be touched by wrong hands with an in-ground safe. Just be selective with the provider you are going to deal with in order to ensure the safe’s quality.