5 Smart Ways to Redeem Points Accumulated on your Frequent Flier Account


You’ve earned quite a collection of airline miles – using flight bookings, credit cards, online shopping, and other ways. Wondering how to spend your miles to get the best value? Here are the top smart ways to redeem your frequent flier miles.

As an airline mile collector, you probably know that your frequent flier miles help you go on amazing vacations. But, do you know that there are several other equally rewarding ways to use your miles? There may be situations when taking time off from work to travel may not be possible, or you are unable to find award flights on your preferred travel days.

In such cases, instead of letting your miles sit idle or worse expire, here are some great alternative ways to get the most value out of it. Whether you are an experienced points collector or someone who is just getting started, here are the top 5 ways to get the most value out of your airline miles.

1. Book Reward Flights

This is often the main reason why most people start collecting airline miles in the first place and is often the best value for your miles. You can use your mile to book reward flight tickets – both domestic and international. Keep an eye on reward availability and book your preferred route and destination as soon as it becomes available.

2. Upgrade your Flying Experience

This is another smart usage of your airline miles. You can book flight tickets with cash as usual and then use mile to upgrade your flying experience. For instance, you can pay for economy tickets and then redeem miles to upgrade to business or first class. This is an excellent use of your miles, especially when you don’t have the required miles to book business class tickets in the first place.

3. Fuel up

Yes, your miles have great value, even when you aren’t flying. You can use airline miles to pay for petrol or diesel expenses for your vehicles. Just fuel up as usual and then inform the bunk operator that you would like to pay in miles. However, remember that particular airlines have a tie-up with certain fuel stations. So, make sure to check the list of available fuel stations in your area that accept your airline reward points.

4. Shop Online

You can use your miles to pay for your online purchases. Most airlines have gift portals where you can choose preferred gifts – electronics, home furniture, apparel, accessories, etc. based on the available miles in your account. This is a great way to redeem points that are expiring in a short while.

5. Transfer Miles to Partner Programs

Most airlines have partnerships with other airlines, leading hotels, restaurants, car rentals, and even magazines. You can transfer miles from your airline program to the reward program of any of these partners. You can then use your transferred miles to book flight tickets, hotel rooms, dining reservations, car rentals, magazine subscriptions and more.

Check for Transfer Rate

One factor to keep in mind is the transfer rate. Look for partners that offer the most value for your accumulated frequent flier miles. For instance, let’s assume that Partner A offers 1x transfer rate (each mile in your airline reward program earns you one reward point in the loyalty program of Partner A), while Partner B offers 2x transfer rates (each mile in your airline reward program is worth two points in the loyalty program of Partner B). In this case, Partner B is the better option for transferring your miles.

With so many redemption options, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start accumulating miles and enjoy great redemptions.  If you want to redeem jetprivilegepoints visit JetPrivilege.