5 great benefit of rose oil for health


Rose has been no doubt one of the most popular and recognized flower of every human culture and civilization that has been existed. It has been long associated with purity, love, and innocence. It has also been a frequent symbol of femininity and fertility, and that has a reason behind this. The rose essential oil is also known as the damask rose essential oil

It is hailed for its aromatherapy properties and many other healing properties as well. It has long been staple into ancient Ayurveda and shamanic practice. It’s useful to treat various problems, from menstrual cramps to acne. Interested to know about what benefits the essential rose oil provides? Here we present the five benefits of damask rose oil for the skin and health.

Rose oil fights depression and mood swing.

One of the worse thing about the depression is it often fills your heart with doubts about yourself. It damages self-esteem by remembering you about the past regrets you have. But do you know that rose oil can help you fight depression and frequent mood swings?

It is known for its ability to affect the amount of serotonin produced in the body naturally. It helps to adjust the negative thoughts in mind. It is particularly helpful to fight off the constant mood swing, which is quite common among women. Quite a few studies have found that women who got exposed to rose oil are reported to be more optimistic and less depressed than those who didn’t.

Rose oil Reduces stress.

Modern life is quite hectic. On top of that, we have lots of unwanted pressure from our society and family to meet their expectations. It is quite hard to be not to feel stressed as the society has become a giant oppressing mechanism which is built to make us feel stressed. I bet you are already feeling stressed. But it doesn’t have to this way. 

Rose oil can help you feel relaxed and get rid of any negativity from your life. For most of us, it is quite hard to feel relaxed and let go of all the worries. Rose oil is quite handy in this aspect, as it is a natural remedy to make you feel relaxed.

Rose oil helps with a better romantic life.

Romance is the most notable reason rose oil has been appreciated so much during the ancient time to till this day. For many people who have gone through some stress or maybe due to aging, decreased libido can be a problem. 

It can be true for either sex, be it male or female. However, the rose oil is so good at creating a romantic mood for people, and it is considered one of the best and natural aphrodisiac. People who have used aromatherapy with rose oil have reported increased libido and a better sexual life.

Rose oil helps during the menstruation. 

Cramp, nausea, and other menstrual complications are quite common, and women often go through hell on a particular week each month. Rose oil can be an excellent aid for those who suffer from these complications. It is quite great for treating irregular menstruation as well. The antioxidants found in rose oil known for stimulating the hormones that kick on the menstrual cycle. Using rose oil can help with making sure regular menstrual cycle and ease the pain as well. 

Rose oil helps with the clotting of the blood.

Rose oil is quite good at stop bleeding after any injuries. Many times the bleeding won’t stop after the surgery, and it can become a dangerous situation. Rose oil can be a great aid to stop the bleeding as it speeds up the coagulation of the blood.

Rose oil can also be used to disinfect as well due to its septic nature. Only a few drops of highly concentrated rose oi is needed to clear any deep cut. The antibacterial properties of rose oil kill the bacterias quite fast and soothe the pain.