5 Essential Tips to a Perfect Family Portrait Session


Family portraits offer you the best way to capture a moment in time with your loved ones. These photographs become precious memories that you will treasure for life. If you have never done a family portrait, and you feel a bit intimidated by this idea, don’t worry because that’s pretty normal. You can even print these photos and view them on the slide viewer toy.

The following are tips to help you have a perfect family portrait that you will cherish forever.

  • Choose your location wisely

When it comes to choosing a location, choose one that is significant to your family. By doing this, you will add emotional depth and it will have an impact on your family portraits. You can also look for a place that has no major distractions in the background because after all, the focus should be on your family. The area should also have adequate light and composition.

  • Have the right clothing

Dressing up in the right way is also crucial when it comes to family portraits. You can decide to wear outfits that have matching colors or clothes that speak of an individual’s character. To make it more fun for the kids you can include balloons, printed speech bubbles, or hats.

It’s good to carry extra clothing, especially for kids because you never know when one may spill something on their clothes. The family members don’t have to stick to a specific outfit, they can choose whichever clothing they feel comfortable in because after all, comfort is key.

  • Prepare the kids

This is a critical point when taking family photos. The parents should calm the kids and prepare them for the session. The kids shouldn’t be nervous about the session, in fact as a parent, you can make the event to be fun so that the children can look forward to it. 

Let the children arrive at the session when they are full. Hungry children tend to be unhappy. Also, the children should get a full nap before the shoot. 

  • Bring snacks and drinks

When you have young kids, you will need to break for snacks during each session. Snacks are the best way to avoid stress during a session. But you should ensure that the snacks don’t change the color of tongues and lips or that they don’t get stuck in the children’s teeth or on cheeks. 

The snacks should also not stain their fingers because you wouldn’t want them to smear them on their outfits. You can carry snacks such as fruit snacks, slices of apples, bottles of water, etc.

  • Smile! Smile!

There is just magic that a smile adds to a photo. Keep smiling. Don’t focus on your children or point to the camera. Keep smiling if you are doing the smiling photo. A picture can be easily ruined by a parent who is trying to get her kids to look at the camera. 

Generally, the children come to the camera on their own terms, but they will eventually smile. A great photographer will capture that smile, but the capture won’t be of any significance if the parents are not smiling too. That’s why if you are doing a look and smile photo, you should just keep smiling.