4 lottery winners who didn’t deserve it


Many people all around the world dream about winning the lottery. We wish only the good people manage to do so, but sometimes it won’t happen. But, as you will see, the karma always finds the way how to balance things up.

Winners who hid money from their partners

Not every winner wants to share a piece of a massive win with his loved one. One such case was Arnim Ramdass, who won 19 million dollars, doing everything to prevent his wife from knowing about it.

In America, lottery winners’ names are always published according to the rules and therefore hiding your winnings from your wive is a bit tricky. Arnim Ramdass had to continually make some fake excuses to keep his wife from watching TV. In the end, however, she found out, and Arnim did all he could do in such a situation. He ran away with the money.

A group that destroyed the entire state lottery

Have you ever thought about how to win at slots, roulette, or lottery? And is it even possible to destroy a game of chance like these? Massachusetts find out the hard way when the state lottery nearly went bankrupt because of a group of college mathematics students. Not differently like the infamous MIT Blackjack Team.

The jackpot never exceeded $ 2 million, and when nobody won, the amount was split into several smaller wins. Mathematics students found out very quickly that the distribution of two million in more winnings causes the value of each lottery ticket to be worth more than it costs.

College students have worked this way for several years and have even attracted investors during that time. When the authorities finally intervened, their betting system earned them over $ 8 million.

The guy who hid 38 million from his friends

Good news! You won 38.5 million in the lottery! These are the words everybody wants to hear. But, bad news, it is one of these situations when you bought tickets with other people.

This is precisely what happened to the bookmaker Lopez. Instead of dividing the money with his colleagues, like he should, he had the winnings paid out to himself and quit the job because of fictitious leg surgery. The other co-workers found out eventually, and they sue Lopez for their rightful part of the jackpot. And they won.

The guy who spends all on drugs and ladies

Carroll was a garbage man who accidentally won the British lottery in 2002. And he was not a saint. He actually wore a police ankle monitor at the time. As expected by the tabloid, who began to watch him closely enough, Carrol was able to spend all of his $ 15 million he won over eight years. For what? Prostitutes, drugs and parties.

Somehow Carroll survived all this. But his money not, and today a thirty-year-old man has to work on brigades and says he is glad that he can finally live the peaceful, quiet life of an ordinary British.

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