3 Reasons Why The japan Takayama tours Are Worth


Are you trying to find a captivating, less explored, and often overlooked destination in Japan, where you can spend a few days of the long tour to Japan? Gifu Prefecture has in store for you the Hida Takayama among the enormous Japanese Alps. It can be only four hours’ drive from the metropolis, and it is a contrast to the modern technology-filled culture of Japan. The mountainous location has somewhat separated the area from the rest of the island, which gave Takayama the scope to retain and nurture the oldest Japanese traditions of pottery. Lacquerware, sake brewing, and furniture making.

Old beauty

The classic town of SanmachiSuji or Takayama has got some narrow lanes where you will find rows of merchant houses, which will take you back in time. The houses are breathtaking. You will also get the scope to see the ryokans, the traditional Japanese wooden inns, which have been in existence since the eighth century for the accommodation of visitors who want to blend in the complete Japanese cultural elements. The minkas or the authentic farmhouses in the deeper mountainous areas are unique to the Takayama region.

World of sake

Nihonshu sake has long been a part of Japanese culture for thousands of years. The traditional breweries keep the sake barrels outside their shops, and you call them sakadaru. Some shops even hang these barrels with the help of the special bells they make from the cedar branches called sugidama. The interesting part of the japan Takayama tours is learning about the stages of sake processing too. If you see a green sugidama, you can infer that the maker has freshly pressed the sake from the new rice harvest. But brown sugidama implies that the sake is matured, and you can consume it. If you have a passion for knowing more about brewing, the n Takayama must be your dream destination.