3 Factors to Consider When Choosing Customized USB Flash Drives


It is a heart desire for every business premises trading under benefit schedule to look for effective and efficient ways which can rank them at the top. On the other hand, USB flash drives are recognized as the best and most efficient means of the storage of data in the market today. Majorly, the flash drives in the market today are designed for computer USB ports, while a few can operate on both phones and computers. In this article, I will highlight the 3 main factors which you should consider when choosing your USB  Custom flash drives;

  • Storage capacity
  • Quality
  • Make style

Storage Capacity

This should be your main factor to consider. Files in a computer are stored in a memory. Therefore before purchasing a USB Direct Custom USB flash drive, find out the size of files you want to be stored in it.

Files are measured in MBs and GBs, i.e., 1GB=1024 MBs.  In the market, you will find a wide variety of flash disks with different measures. They range from 64MBs to 128GBs. If you want flash disks for storing documents, 4GB will be enough.

If you want to store music or videos, seeking a larger size will be more advantageous. Therefore, let storage capacity be your priority before making any purchase.


The daily increasing numbers of suppliers in the market today are proportional to the decreasing quality of the product they sell. They follow unscrupulous ways of designing the drives, lowering their cost in the market.

Not all suppliers provide quality USB Direct Custom USB flash drives. A flash drive may be reading 32 GB storage space yet it cannot accommodate a 1MB file. To get a good one, check on the quality of the memory chip. Grade-A will give you a good experience. You should consider the metallic ones to plastic drives which are vulnerable to breakage.

The quality of the head cap should lead you in choosing your model. Some caps are designed poorly to fit your computer ports. Lastly, don’t choose any product from a supplier who is not certified by ISO 9001:2015, which is a standard for quality management.

Make Style

Many USB drives are designed for computers only. They can transfer data to and fro computers such as laptops. However, you may need to search for customized USB drives that are adapted for your smartphones.  However, choosing a USB Direct Custom USB flash drive is a hidden advantage not familiar to many people.

With these drives, you can exchange data from any computer’s port size free and direct. The custom USB will also save you money which you could have used to buy another USB flash drive that can fit your computer. Choose a style that is customized to your common daily operations.


The wide market of USB drives has raised concern for buyers to be careful when choosing their desired product. Storage capacity, make style and quality are major factors that should lead you before making a step of making an order.