What’s the Most Effective Way of Treating Ptosis Eyelid?



Types, Effects & Cost of Skin/Dermal Fillers in Delhi, India | DermaWorld Skin ClinicOcular ptosis is a common condition many adults face as they age. This condition is caused due to the progressive weakening of the eye muscles. The weakening of the muscles causes the eyelids to “droop.” That’s why this condition is also known as droopy eyelids. Although “droopy eyelids” can occur at any age, it’s typically associated with old age. Thankfully, there are different surgical and non-surgical techniques to cure ptosis. But, treatment depends on the state of the condition. Doctors consider the extent of the drooping, whether the patient’s eyes are bulging, and other factors before diagnosis. Based on these assessments, doctors conduct surgeries to strengthen weak eye muscles.

How to Fix Ptosis? 

Incisive surgeries are the best way to treat ptosis eyelid. Doctors use lasers and special surgical instruments together and lasers to cut off the “droopy” eyelid. The “droopy” eyelid is the extra eyelid that covers the eye. It’s mostly made up of fat. Surgeons remove this excess fat and design new eye layers. They may also make additional adjustments to treat eye muscle weakness. Overall, ptosis surgeries are very safe and have amazing success rates. People who receive this surgery can see through their eyelids more clearly. Their visibility improves. Their eye muscles grow stronger. Their eyes also look brighter, younger, and stronger.

Who Can Benefit from Ptosis Surgery? 

Anyone who has vision-related issues due to droopy eyelids can benefit from this surgery. Ptosis eyelid [หนังตาตก, which is the term in Thai] is a serious condition. It can limit the patient’s ability to move, read, or perform any activity that involves the use of vision. That’s why getting double eyelid surgery is the best long-term solution. Doctors only cut off excess fat. They measure the patient’s eyelids to ensure they only cut the regions of the eyelids that are problematic.