What is ตรวจหวย?


As soon as we hear the word ตรวจหวย the first thing that comes to our mind is easy money. But ตรวจหวย can be tricky. The ตรวจหวย is a check lottery firm in Thailand. The government in Thailand runs this ตรวจหวย. If you want to get involved in selling these tickets, then you need to take permission from the Thai government to do so. The Thailand government has its own government lottery office for this purpose. Gambling is one of the sources of entertainment and finance in Thailand.

When are ตรวจหวย issued?

These ตรวจหวย are issued every 1st and 16th of each month but there are a few exceptions to it. These exceptions include days like 1st January, 16th January, and May 22nd. The reason for not issuing a lottery ticket on the 1st of January is that an award is already issued on 30th December in the previous year. The ticket is not issued on the 16th January because then the award will have to be issued on 17th January which in Thailand is celebrated as teacher’s day and is a holiday. The ticket is not issued on May 2nd because it is considered National Labors day in Thailand.

The Lottery office checks lottery issues the lottery, and also sells lottery tickets. These lottery tickets are sold in sets of 50. In this set, the tickets from 1 to 50 are normal lottery tickets while tickets from 51 to 100 are charity lottery tickets. There are two pairs of these tickets. So, one card has two tickets. Both of these tickets of ตรวจหวย will have the same number on them. So, if a person having two sets of the same number on lottery tickets wins then he will get twice the price money while if some other person having only one such ticket wins then he will receive the amount for only one lottery ticket. If one person wins a lottery in more than one category, then he or she will receive the amount according to the category.

Many people have claimed to win a huge amount of money using these lottery tickets. They claim to have become rich in the blink of an eye. You can purchase these lottery tickets anywhere in Thailand. You can even purchase them online from the official website of ตรวจหวย so that you do not get spammed. The winners or the winning lottery ticket numbers are announced in either newspaper or on the website.

How to claim the winning amount if you have won?

To claim the winning amount, one must provide the Thai government with proper id proof. This is extremely important because there have been cases where people have faked their id to claim the winning amount and this is malpractice considered illegal by the Thai government. So, make sure to provide the government with your proper id proof to avoid any further problems. While checking for the lottery you need to enter your lottery number o the website of ตรวจหวย and then you can find out whether you have won a lottery or not. But you can give it another try in case you have lost.