Vibrating Fleshlight: A New Kind Of Sex Toy


The FleshlightVibro is a new kind of male sex toy. It’s basically the same as a regular Fleshlight, but it comes with a vibrating more than the classic version. This allows men to experience two different types of sensations. Some men love the way the Sex in a Can feels because it’s more discreet. While others like the traditional Fleshlight with all its complex textures. At $20 more than the classic version, it is still very affordable. If you want to increase your stamina, try the Stamina Training Unit . It has a tiny canal that will force you to learn how to last longer during intercourse

The FleshlightVibro Is A High Quality Male Sex Toy

The FleshlightVibro has been engineered to feel and look like the real thing, only better. The unit features a soft outer silicone layer that feels like human skin, with an inner sleeve made from medical grade silicone that gives you a realistic sensation every time. This sex toy can be used solo or with a partner and is waterproof for shower fun. The vibrating element runs on watch batteries so you can use the FleshlightVibro in the shower or bath without having to worry about getting it wet! We recommend using water-based lube since oil-based lubricants may damage your new friend’s insides over time (and possibly ruin your relationship).

It Comes With A Vibrating Sleeve As Well As The Regular Sleeve

The vibrating fleshlight is a sex toy that comes with two sleeves. One is the “regular sleeve”, and the other is a vibrating one. The vibrating sleeve can be used alone or with your partner, making it a versatile product for solo sex or couples play.

The sleeve itself has multiple speeds and patterns of vibration, so you can choose what feels good to you at any given moment. It also uses rechargeable batteries so that you don’t need to worry about replacing them before every use!

This Is A Good Option For Men Looking For Something New

This vibrating Fleshlight is a good option for men looking for something new. It’s also a good choice if you want to increase your stamina and are interested in trying a Fleshlight but don’t want the extra cost.

This device is powered by two AAA batteries and can easily be used with other toys (even though it doesn’t come with instructions). You should use condoms when using this toy; it’s hard to clean otherwise.


This is a great toy, it’s not for everyone. If you’re looking for something more discreet or less expensive, I would recommend checking out some of the other options on this list before buying this one. In addition, if you have never used a male sex toy before (or if this is your first time with vibration), then I would recommend trying something else first before committing to this one because it’s pretty intense.

The Vibrating Fleshlight is an amazing piece of equipment that can help you have better sex. By using it for different purposes, such as striptease or pornstar action, you can get the most out of your experience with the fleshlight. Additionally, by getting the most out of your fleshlight, you can help increase your sexual pleasure.