Top 3 Hose Clamp Options


A hose clamp or hose clip is an equipment used to seal hose and a nipple together or any other connection. Hose claps are a significant component in the world of mechanics and for some of Do it yourself projects. Hose clips are mainly used to seal hose pipes connection in various equipment such as air conditioning systems, home water systems, car braking system and many more. The connection parts of hoses are not always strong, and simple triggers can lead to leaks. Industrial hose connectors and normal water hose fittings come in to give the connection the extra strength required at these connection points. Below are some types of hose clamps and their benefits.

Screw Clamps

Screw clamps, also known as jubilee multiband, are the oldest type of clamps in the market. They are made of a steel band attached to a screw on one end. The ends of the band separate when the screw is opened, enabling the user to fix the clip around a pipe. The ends are easy to reattach and tighten by turning the screw. The screw has a screw thread cut on the steel band for easy tightening. The screw fits in the threads when turning, forcing the band to pull and reduce the diameter. The benefits of this clamp band are that it is easy to use; it is durable, creates a tight and adjustable seal and can work on big hoses. You can easily find Jubilee Multibands for sale in a hardware store or online.

Spring Clamp

Unlike the jubilee multiband, the spring clamp is fabricated from a steel allow strip. The strip is folded to look like a ring with protruding ends where the installer press to increase the diameter during installation. These clamps are mainly used in high pressure like the automotive vacuum hoses and come in different shapes and sizes. Spring clamps are more difficult to use compared to the jubilee clamp as one has to apply some force on the ends. The other challenge is that it can only work for a specific size of pipes, unlike a screw clamp that can adjust to fit any pipe size. The advantages of this clamp are that it is cheaper and the tightness can adjust as the hose’s wear with time.

Wire Clamp

A wire clamp looks like a screw clamp, but they are made of a steel wire bent into a ring with a captive nut on one end and captive screw on the other. The screw is used to tighten the clamp once it is in the right position. The advantages of using wire clamps are that they are strong, easy to use and their tightness is adjustable.