Things you have to do when visiting Houston


Houston, Texas, was founded in 1863 by brothers Augustus and John Allen and remained the Republic of Texas’s capital until 1840. Meanwhile, this city’s economy was based on agriculture, but in 1901 Spindletop discovered oil, which gave the town a more significant economic pillar.

Houston is also known as an essential destination for international medicine, and in the 1960s, NASA chose Houston as the site for the Control Center for human-crewed spacecraft.


Get ready to know some of the best places to visit in Houston, in addition to information about its climate, cuisine, transportation, and of course, travel recommendations. Sounds good. Houston Museum of Fine Arts.

At the top of our list of tourist attractions in Houston, we have the Museum of Fine Arts. This iconic spot in the city attracts thousands of tourists a year, and you can’t say you’ve been to Houston if you haven’t visited.

In this incredible museum, you can find permanent and temporary exhibits, talks, and seminars for everyone who loves art and always wants to learn more. And if you’re going to visit it with children, no problem! The museum has a program dedicated to children that they will love.

Waugh Drive Bridge

There is nothing better than visiting attractions without spending money, and Houston has the perfect option. We are talking about the Waugh Drive Bridge, one of Houston’s most famous places to visit. In this bridge, several people meet near the sunset and witness a unique phenomenon. Hundreds of bats fly freely through the sky from under the bridge as the sun goes down, and they create the most amazing natural spectacle.

NASA Space Center

If we are talking about Houston’s tourist places, then it is almost necessary to mention this one. Remember the famous phrase: Houston; we have a problem? Be prepared because it is possible to walk the halls from where this famous sentence originated.

The NASA Space Center is open for you to meet it. Take advantage and walk through its corridors full of history, science, and the wonders of space. We promise you won’t regret it, especially if you are a fan of what is out of this world.

The Galleria

Let’s face it; going to the United States is synonymous with shopping. So as a recommendation of things to do in Houston, we couldn’t mention The Galleria.

This is the largest in Texas and the fourth largest in the United States. Incredible. We’re sure your interior fashionista will thank you for it. Thanks to its infinite number of stores, you’ll be able to find everything you’re looking for and more.

Traders Village Houston Rides

They have some of the most exciting Houston rides for your family. From youngster rides to rides for the entire family. From the most elevated statures to the gentlest experience, they have rides you can partake in together. There is an unlimited wristband that applies as long as you consent to a stature necessity.

This activity is perfect to go with the whole family, and because of the number of rides, you will be able to spend almost an entire day. We highly recommend it.