The Ergonomic Design Of The Smok Fit Kit Pods Make It So Useful 


The most significant aspect of the smok pods of today is the design that has made them the most popular and useful alternative to the traditional cigarettes. The small size, light weight features, the smooth edges and the straight lines give it the desired ergonomic form and look. This also makes it easy to handle and use by the vaper. Available in different colors and design and from different brands, these are the most stylish alternative to cigarette. The smok fit kit pods use a strong integrated mAh battery for consistent use and the size and weight gives it a lot of portability.

Comes with only two components 

As compared to the older models of the smok pods, the devices of today are far better simply due to the fact that it comes with basically two components only. One of this is the main body of the pod. This portion of the pod holds the powerful battery. The other component of the device is the pod itself. This part comprises of different other elements such as the coil and the combination of the mouthpiece and the tank. These pods are substantially robust to touch. The good thin is that these do not produce any noise or rattling when you use them. 

The LED indicator

Well, you may point out at the lack of a display in these smok pods. That is true but it is compensated by the smart and single LED indicator. This has a varied functionality. It will automatically flash according to the power of the battery to notify you the time to recharge it. it will also provide other specific prompts about the status of the smok pod such as the power on or off, any potential issue with the coil or shorting out. The proprietary cable and the convenient location of the micro USB charging port make it easy to recharge as well.