Role of an automotive sales consultant


If you are good in oral and written communication skills or if you like to make deals with people and have high-level of confidence then you are best suited for automotive sales consultant position.You should be able to give solutions to the customer’s problems and you should also be concerned about the questions raised by them as retail consultants do. They are also responsible for preparing, inspecting and presenting the vehicles and if a customer gets interested in any automobile then they can arrange test-drive for customer.If you have the basic skills then you will be given basic training to enhance it.

Training includes following things:

  • Product:These consultants are mainly hired by auto dealers and car sales companies. These hired candidates are given product-training which is mandatory because they should have proper knowledge about the products that they are going to sell. Many employers want that the automotive sale consultants they have hired should be product certified before they are allowed to sell the automobiles. The training related to product is lengthy but they are informative and it will act like a backbone of sales consultant. During the training consultants are provided product demonstrations and educational video that covers the following aspects like parts, warranties, services, licensing etc.
  • Salesmanship: The main aim of this training is to develop selling skills in the automotive sales consultant and enable them to overcome the specified objections. They will learn to identify the flags and cues that will help them to understand what they can do to approach their customers. This training provides a guide to them so that they can quickly achieve their sale quotas and maximize their earnings. New candidates also get the chance to learn from their senior consultants like they can learn how to do paperwork to make sales presentation to their customers.