Retirement Gifts Ideas for Women


Retirement is a phase in life that every woman looks forward to, a wonderful transition after spending a considerable amount of time in the corporate world, juggling serious work tasks and social and family responsibilities.  Whether is your mom, wife or female friend, retirement is a time of their life which she can chuck aside her work responsibilities such as meeting deadlines and routine work and concentrate on working on herself full time. She will use this phase of her life to do things her own way, activities that she like, especially on activities that she was unable to work when she was working due to work commitments.

Retirement is also like a report card, a way to give herself a pat on her back, on her achievements garnered in her company and a report card of her great contributions made.

Hence, when you buy a retirement gift for the female retiree, be sure to find a gift that meets her retirement lifestyle requirements, to congratulate her in her next phase in life.

The ideas below provides you with some help on the gifts that you may consider buying for her. They are one of the best retirement gift ideas for mom, wife or friend. 

The gift ideas come mainly from how she will spend her free time, such as activities that she will do to spend her time meaningfully, bonding sessions she will attend with her family and friends and most importantly, “me” time and self-care sessions to pamper herself while she slows down her pace to smell the roses.

Hobby Tools

Now is the time for her to pursue hobbies, which she has been shelving aside for the longest time ever due to other more important commitments.  It is great to find out her hobbies and buy the tools that she will use for her hobbies.

For example if your retiring mom or friend has green fingers and enjoys gardening or planting herbs for her meals, you may consider giving her a gardening gift basket or a full suite of gardening tools complete with a gardening apron and stool, which will surely bring a smile on her face.

If she enjoys baking, buying a baking kit with baking trays and recipes is a functional gift that she will definitely use.

Book Vouchers

A hardcopy book is a great companion for everyone, regardless of the age.  This is especially so where having such a companion at all times, in between waiting times between appointments, travelling times or even enjoying a cuppa to kickstart the day.

Book vouchers will be a handy gift for the woman retiree like your friend who loves having such a companion.  With the voucher, she gets to choose the books she likes and immense herself in the story plot, while keeping her mind active.

To complete this gift, you may consider giving her a card personalised with your message, to convey your congratulatory words and well wishes to her. This is one of the great retirement gift ideas for woman friend especially if you do not have the chance to meet her often. 

Finding gift for the retiring lady is easy if you know her hobbies or if she is a voracious reader.  With knowledge of how she spends her time, you will definitely be assured that she will like the retirement gift you bought for her.

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