Mens Stretch Jeans- The New Trendy Appeal


Fashion has always been seen as a symbol of a person’s social standing. It is said that people judge a person by the way he or she dresses. And the fashion industry has evolved so much that, unlike just old pants, you can find mens stretch jeans all over. The dressing is changed with the changing trends. 

From long ago, it is seen that the menswear is differentiated based on the weight and “rawness” of their jeans. But nowadays things have changed. If you are looking for versatility, durability, and the perfect fit then the mens stretch jeans is the one you are looking for. You get a variety of colours and styles for your everyday wearing with that it is even comfortable to work

Men’s stretch jeans give you stretch fabric throughout, making sure you get the perfect fit for your body. These jeans offer your clothes, the ability to stretch also allows us freedom of movement with a comfortable fit and long-lasting apparel.

Most of the jeans available for men these days have stretch attributes and that is because of the addition of some stretchable materials along with the jean’s material. This stretching material has proved to be more comfortable and a good fit. With all these comfort features, it has been on the first preference of the people these days.

How do they make it elastic?

And the answer to that is Lycra and spandex are the most common fibres used as the main raw material for stretch jeans. Jeans made with a good old polyester mixed with spandex will provide more elasticity. Now the only problem statement you will find is whether it will stretch out on washing or not. The combination of spandex and polyester gives you the material when mixed which solves the problem of stretching out after washing. 

Regular Vs Stretch men’s jeans:

With the increasing popularity of stretch jeans over the past few years, technology has enhanced the quality of the denim material making it more stretchy and more elastic. Whether it’s used in the sewing of pants, dresses, skirts, or other garments, stretch denim is the best suit. But what exactly makes it different from regular denim? Let’s discuss:

The material used:  Men’s stretch denim differs in terms of construction as it includes a small amount of elastic material either spandex or Lycra. So, the cotton is mixed with these elastic materials to make the clothes. While regular pieces of denim don’t have such a combination.

Origins: The first stretch denim material was made by a chemist named joseph shivers. Shivers discovered Spandex in the late 1950s. Because of its properties, they were used in the fashion industries after that.

Cost of manufacturing: The cost of manufacturing stretch jeans is more because of the resources needed and the processing of the materials needed.

The durability of the material: On this parameter, the stretch material lags a bit behind the regular ones. Regular denim is strong, durable and resistant to damage. While some stretch jeans are to be dry cleaned or air-dried.